Experts: ‘the days of Microsoft’s hegemony may soon be over’

“Whither mighty Microsoft Corp.? Don’t dump your stocks in the software giant, experts warn. But they also say the ‘days of Microsoft’s hegemony may soon be over,’ according to a new report by Framingham-based ComputerWorld. ‘What you might see is an 800-pound gorilla on steroids (today) and five years from now it might be a 400-pound gorilla on vitamins,’ said Don Tennant, editor of ComputerWorld, which recently held a panel discussion among experts about the future of the information-technology sector,” Jay Fitzgerald writes for The Boston Herald.

“The increasing competition from Linux open-source technologies, Apple Computer Inc. and Internet-focused companies will slowly chip away at the Redmond, Wash.-based behemoth’s dominance, Tennant said,” Fitzgerald writes. “The Massachusetts Institute of Techology’s Thomas Malone, who participated in the ComputerWorld panel, said yesterday that he wouldn’t predict how much Microsoft’s dominance in the browser, operating system and desktop applications might fall. But Malone, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, said it’s highly unsual, historically, for any company to maintain its lead within the volatile tech industry. Microsoft, which made its name with its DOS and Windows computer applications, barely dodged a bullet when the Internet blossomed last decade, he said. ‘It’s rare for a company to make such a transition twice,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Can’t happen soon enough.

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  1. I have Microsoft to thank for becoming a Mac user. As a technology lover, I began to notice just how many cool ideas and technologies would never see the light of day because of Microsofts stifling behavior. If thay didn’t come up with the technology, they would be so affraid of it that they would either buy it and lock it away, steal the idea and give away a bad rip-off of it, or leverage their monoply powers to keep other vendors from utilising it. That is a shameful way to compete in the market place.

    Once I realized how much damage Microsoft did to the tech industry, I decided to take action, and nothing speaks loader than money, so I bought a Mac and got rid of my PC. It was the best thing I ever did. I had no idea how good Macs where, until after I bought one. Now I feel like an idiot for taking so long to catch on!

  2. All hail microshaft! Without which, we won’t apreciate our macs as much as we do right now. Now if we can get someone to pie both gates & ballmer’s face at same time on live tv, I’ll die contented. Oh wait, can’t do ballmer, that’ll be his normal after a mal look

  3. Microsoft needs to announce that Steve Balmer is retiring. Bring in some new blood – new ideas. Hire someone from Apple.
    Make Bill Gates a full time philanthroper – give his money away before the stock drops.

  4. Microstink should sell themselves TO Apple…for $1.00…then finally, Microstink would have visionary leadership under Steve Jobs. And then finally OSX could be released for Intel and the world would be a much happier place.

    See, it all comes together.

  5. I don’t want MS to go away, and I certainly don’t want Apple to takes it’s place. I’d like to see Apple’s market share grow to between 10% to 20% per quarter worldwide, but not much bigger than that. As for Microsoft, I’d like them to lose a lot of power and market share and then have Ballmer kicked out, have Bill lose most of his interest and put someone in there who is interested in pushing technology forward as opposed to destroying anything that they can’t control. Look what Apple does with their R&D budget (a larger percentage than most, but still far less than MS). Think about what they could do if they had MSs money. OK, here’s what I really want to happen. MS should just admit that their R&D department is located in Cupertino and funnel all their money down to Apple. Everything they come up with will be considered the standard and MS will happily adopt it. </dream sequence>

  6. I think my boss might be thinking of getting a Mac!!!! This is the guy who when I first told him I was a Macintosh User he said “Oh, you are a Macintosh Loser”. I have had him in an Apple store twice now and he has even said he might end up buying one. I have been showing him all the things you can do with OS X and how it is soooo much easier to do the small everyday things and he is starting to crumble. I do something on my computer and it takes like 5 seconds, he does the same thing on his and it takes him 20. Plus the security issue is starting to tell on him. Even though this is anecdotal, for someone like this to think of switching is a very strong sign that the pendulum is really starting to swing.

  7. People get a hold of reality…

    The “real IT world” and I can not make this point any more clear is not moving to adopt, embrace or even look at the Apple Computer OS.

    The cutting edge internet deployment is using ASP.NET 2.0 and IE. Developers will be using Visual Studio 2005 and the users OS will be Longhorn.

    In the very near future if you want to do conduct business on the internet you will have to be using Windows. The API calls that will be made must be done using the embeded IE.

    In the very near future music, video, information and commerce will be exchanged on the Windows platform only.

    Nobody is going to program for an OS that is less then 3% of the entire world and less then 1% of the business world.


  8. “Can we start using the “beleaguered” term to identify Microsoft now?”

    Well, we might want to wait until their market share falls below 90 percent, and their quarterly profit is less than 10 times Apple’s. But maybe that’s just me.

  9. “…..Look what Apple does with their R&D budget (a larger percentage than most, but still far less than MS)….”


    Isn’t a known fact that Apple products ARE what Micro$oft uses for R & D ?

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    just a thought

  10. Hey Sputnik, the ‘real’ real IT world is seriously looking at, considering, and buying xserves and xsans. The real scientific community is as well.

    And thats only based on cost savings, performance, and interoperability gains vs ‘cheap’ crap from your beloved Dell. Thats not even talking about the windows security/ virus/ malware issues.

    BTW, last month when Mac mini discussion was so hot, weren’t you bellyaching about the ‘real gaming world’?

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