Apple’s Mac mini ‘a money-saving option for PC users who want to test-drive Apple’s reputation’

“Now you can take a bite of Apple’s easy-going technology for a lower price, courtesy of the Mac Mini ($500). It’s the first Mac priced to compete in price with low-cost Windows PC s and the smallest desktop computer from any major maker. The downsizing sacrifices some of Apple’s plug-and-play convenience, but the Mini does offer an inexpensive option for anyone thinking of retiring an old Windows PC,” Larry Magid writes for U.S. News & World Report.

Magid covers the hardware aspects of the Mac mini and compares it to other Apple offerings like the iMac G5, iBook and the eMac and writes, “But hardware, of course, is not the entire story. The Mac is less prone to viruses and other security problems than the PC, and Apple’s OS 10.3 operating system is elegant measured against its Windows and Linux competitors. It also comes with a suite of highly regarded applications such as iPhoto 5, iMovie, and GarageBand. For those ready to commit to Apple, an iMac is still the best bet. But the Mini does offer a money-saving option for PC users who want to test-drive Apple’s reputation without having to buy the whole orchard.”

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  1. That’s the approach I’ve taken with friends who want to switch, but didn’t want the system they already bought to be a waste. I tell them they can try a Mac for very little compared to other Apples and they can use the hardware they already bought.


  2. Kudos to the author for pointing out that hardware is only part of the story. OS X and Apple’s interface are worth way more than the cost difference between a Mac and a Dell running Windows.


  3. I just read the MDN excerpt but this is exactly what should be said..

    Calling OS X elegant is accurate, but it’s invariably still an understatement… OS X is about 5 years ahead of Windows in all the right ways.

  4. Apple’s OS X maybe 5 years ahead of Windows, but imagine if NeXT had been reasonably successful in the early ’90s, where would desktop computing be today?

    Sure, OS X is an improvement on NeXT technology, but how much of an improvement, really? I think we would have been where are today, say 5 to 10 years ago, had Microsoft not been so powerful on the desktop. Then again, perhaps the bigger diversion was the Internet boom??

  5. The mini is a terrific choice if you want low price and an entry level computer. What I’m hoping for is a Mac Midi. If it were twice the physical size but had an upgradable memory and graphics and more built in USBs and cost around $800, that would be killer. That’s what I’m hoping for this summer when Tiger comes out, then will be time to upgrade my 466 DigAud.

  6. Magrid has been really on board and accurate recently. I read in one of his articles where he does not get products sent to him from Apple to test drive. I think they should start sending products to him for review.

  7. Yeah, a Mac Midi line that is essentially the iMac line in Mac Mini form (although a slightly larger case) is what I’m looking for, too. I’d also like a 17″ cinema display so I can have a “good” or “better” iMac without the computer and display built into one unit.

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