Motorola’s ‘ROKR’ Apple iTunes mobile phone to be unveiled this Thursday

Motorola is “hoping to get an early beat on the newest competitive arena for mobile phones: music. This Thursday, Motorola is expected to announce the first handsets that will carry Apple’s popular iTunes music software. CEO Ed Zander, the former president at Silicon Valley’s Sun Microsystems who joined Moto early last year, forged the alliance with his old pal Steve Jobs,” Brad Stone reports for Newsweek. “Zander can boast that 2004 was the company’s most profitable year ever and says new designs and mobile-music efforts will help invigorate its stock price, which has remained flat since he took over. ‘We got this company out of hospital and got it jogging,’ he says. ‘Now we want to get it running.'”

Full article here.

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  1. I need a new phone…I’ve been waiting for this ever since the first rumor started.

    I’ll be among the first buyers…unless of course it’s some ridiculous price.

  2. Just enough to kill your battery. This is a great idea, kill your battery with music so you dont pay all the overage,roaming and long distane charges because your never actually talking

  3. If it’s HD based and a reasonable size/price i’ll consider it. There is a time and a place for music. I’m one of these people who love music but I don’t need it absolutley all the time everywhere i go.

  4. HD Based? I seriously doubt it. At best it will probably have 256mb of memory – just guessing. Not to put it down, I hope it is a wild success (as I do for all things Apple) but for me, a iPod is best because it contains ALL my music, not just a small subset.

  5. It would be cool if you could play a song while you are on the phone and both parties could hear it.

    And “music on hold”

    Maybe?!? Well, at least in version 2.0!

  6. CDN guy, why in the hell would you want them to make it for that outdated technology network? If you want to be able to travel with it outside of North America with it and actually make/receive some calls, you’re gonna want it to be a GSM phone.

    My guess is that it’ll be available for both, so don’t worry… They better make a GSM offering though, otherwise I won’t buy it.

  7. It’s gotta be GSM…. I have T68i on cingular that I use when traveling outside the US, in Europe and Africa. Works perfectly, alas, it’s getting old and this ROKR looks to be a potential replacement. Can’t wait, hopefully it will be within my budget…. but considering that the V3 is $400, this looks to be a sub $600 phone. Ouch!

  8. I agree that GSM is much better, but the phone company I use is CDMA for the moment. The RAZR is GSM only so I would guess that the ROKR will be the same.

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