Happy 50th birthday, Steve Jobs!

Happy Birthday, Steve! Today is Apple CEO and founder and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs’ 50th birthday. Jobs was born on February 24, 1955.

“Working with Stephen Wozniak, Jobs helped launch the personal-computer revolution by introducing the first Apple computer in 1976. Jobs later successfully established Apple’s line as a user-friendly, graphically oriented alternative to the IBM-Microsoft personal computer and an important factor in desktop publishing. He resigned in 1985 after losing a corporate power struggle. In 1985 he founded the NeXT Computer Company and in 1986 bought Pixar Animation Studios, a computer animation firm founded by George Lucas. When Pixar went public in 1995, Jobs became an overnight billionaire. In 1997, Jobs returned to Apple as interim chief executive and since has helped revive the financially ailing company while reestablishing his own reputation as an industry visionary.” – The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

More info about Steve Jobs here.


  1. Us Pieces are such the creative types. My 38th Birthday is Monday. Perhaps I’ll celebrate with a trip to the Apple Store?

    Last year I was in SF for the Apple Store opening and I got a great Apple logo tattoo.

  2. Happy B-Day to you, too iSteve !!

    Yeah, Ive heard for years that Pieces was the “creative” sign….

    So, it would stand to reason that more Pieces people would be avid Mac heads….. At any rate, it would be an interesting study, should someone decide to take it on…

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