‘iPod Halo Effect’ – sales of the iPod are spurring orders of other Apple products

Apple Computer “is benefiting from what analysts have dubbed the ‘iPod halo effect.’ Sales of the iPod are spurring orders of other Apple products,’ Scott Lanman reports for Bloomberg News. “To tap into that interest, in January Jobs released the least expensive Mac in the machine’s 21-year history. Called the Mac mini, it starts at $499 and ships without a monitor, mouse or keyboard.”

“Apple’s sales were aided by climbing demand for consumer electronics during the November-December shopping season, selling 4.58 million iPods last quarter. Sales of the iPod, Apple’s fastest growing product, surged to $1.21 billion from $256 million a year earlier,” Lanman reports. “Mac sales also rose last quarter, with Apple shipping 337,000 iMacs. That made the latest iteration of the consumer computer, released in September, its most popular. Total Mac shipments rose to 1.05 million, the highest number of quarterly shipments in more than four years.”

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  1. >Haven’t I read this before? Nothing new here….

    You probably have, but the more of this we see, the more it gets into people’s heads and they begin to believe it, whether it’s true or not.

  2. It isn’t really news, but just as beleagered (sp?) was tagged on to Apple’s reputation not that long ago, it sure is nice to see all these glowing comments getting passed around repeatedly, even if we are just saying again.

  3. The value of Apple’s products constantly in the news is immeasurable. I can’t tell you the amount of good will toward Apple I have experienced lately. People may not remember the specifics of any story, but they know that Apple is ‘Hot’ and ‘Good’ and ‘Cool’.

    I have people asking “Should I consider a Mac?” and “Which iPod should I get?” now. In past years, it was a very tough sell.

    Go Apple!

  4. iPod halo effect? Let’s not forget about the Windoze hollow effect and the OS X-factor. Analysts often [the MAW] do. Not to mention the subliminal black turtleneck effect.

  5. talk about buzz… the release of the updated iPods was reported on CNN and FNC yesterday.

    When’s the last time a Rio, Creative, Sony, whatever got reported as news when they were updtaed?

  6. I don’t think the mini is gonna cannibalize sales of higher end Macs much. If I get one it will be as an extra computer, not as my main squeeze. And any sales to windozers are all extra too. The mini is Apple’s “Trojan Pony”.

    MAW = costs.

  7. It will become a catalyst for Mac sales not the other way around. Just as the iPod was successful for Apple, so to will the Mini Mac for OS hardware sales. Sorry to burst your bubble but here is a real world example.


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