What’s on U.S. President Bush’s Apple iPod?

“There are certain colorful aspects of the president’s life that have not been much explored, understandably overshadowed by war and a hard-fought election. That he listens to Creedence Clearwater Revival on his iPod, for instance,” Robin Abcarian reports for The Associated Press. “The Bushes are aware of this, said Laura Bush’s press secretary, Gordon Johndroe. ‘There is a certain expectation that the president and first lady be consumers of American culture. They know people are interested in what movies they see and what music they listen to.'”

“The president has owned the personal accessory of the moment for some time, said Johndroe. He’s loaded his iPod with his favorite country singers: George Jones, Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson. He also listens to Aaron Neville, Creedence and Van Morrison,” Abcarian reports. “The first lady doesn’t have an iPod but she is a confirmed online shopper.”

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  1. Country ? YOu have a guy in charge who willingly listens to Country music ?

    shudder !

    No wonder he has no problem with Guantanamo. He regularly puts himself through torture by iPod.

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