Rumors of Apple Computer’s takeover of TiVo resurface

“Shares of digital video recording device maker TiVo (TIVO) rallied as much as 20 percent Wednesday after Inside Digital Media said that Apple Computer (AAPL) is considering buying TiVo. Research firm Janney Montgomery Scott said a short squeeze is also likely pushing the stock higher. However, ‘Apple is definitely on our list of plausible buyers, given that computer manufacturers could use TiVo’s brand as a centerpiece on their ‘Media PC’ strategies,’ said analyst William Kidd. Apple is not Kidd’s first choice of buyer, since much of TiVo’s value lies in its brand and technology and Apple has one of the strongest brands in the country,” Ciara Linnane reports for CBS MarketWatch.

Full article here.

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  1. Brilliant observation iHung. Keep ’em coming. I hope Apple does buy TiVO. Everybody loves TiVO, just as NOBODY loves Replay TV or Comcast OnDemand. If Apple doesn’t buy TiVO, either somebody else will or TiVO will just go belly up, which would be a shame. An Apple TiVO box would be an instant hit. Of course they’d add their unique vision to its UI, and add lots of connectivity with iLive and iTunes, but basically it would be an Apple TiVO.

    The magic word is “hospital,” which sounds suspiciously like “horse spittle,” which just gives me the heeby-jeebies.

  2. Um, everybody? I don’t have a TiVO. What’s so special about it? Paying for a service to record programs just so I don’t have to watch the commercials? If that’s all, I don’t mind staying in the dark ages and fast-forwarding the VCR.

  3. Caesar, it is not just about missing the commercials. You have your shows on a hard drive; no tapes, no disks. You can it record any show yopu want and it will remember the ones you already have so no duplicates. I have TiVo and a Charter Cable DVR; the TiVo is much nicer and easier to use. I tried to cancel Tivo after I got Charter, and they half my monthly bill if I would keep it.

  4. you don’t know till you try it

    commercial? what is that, gonna miss your show? watch it later no prob at the touch of a button

    Apple will only make this product better, and integrate it with the Mac

    go Stevo

  5. Never used it, but I believe it is basically VCR (HD, actually) + computer + very user-friendly interface. People who can’t program the clock properly on their VCR’s are able program recording schedules with ease on TiVo. I believe you can effectively pause live television, record more than one thing at a time (not sure about that), and somehow get it to skip recording the commercials (not sure about that either. Anyways, people seem to really, really love it, and commercial advertisers seem to really, really hate it.

    But as I say, I ‘ve never used it. Try the TiVo Website perhaps?

  6. I hope if/when they merge up the consumers and press don’t shorten “Apple Tivo” into Apptivo… it sounds too much like those IBM boxes of the past… kinda like the Citroen is for cars

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