Dvorak: It’s humiliating that Apple is the company that once again lights the fuse of change

“I’ve been a fan of the small computer since I first saw a little cubic box encasing a mini-iTX board. From there I’ve admired all the small boxes, as well as the numerous homebrew machines developed by combining mini-ATX or mini-iTX motherboards with various components and cases. While this trend has been going on for years, people still seem to prefer large tower cases. Now we see the Mac mini and the interest in small computers has been revitalized. It’s time to rethink the whole idea,” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine.

“The Mac mini design is somewhat different than the typical little PC; it’s more along the lines of a laptop. In other words, Apple has taken the small-form idea seriously,” Dvorak writes. “I think Apple’s marketing machine should be able to invigorate the small-model business on the PC side of the market. We hope that the little devices will not overheat and bring bad PR to that segment. If all goes well, this means you can expect a Dell mini, an HP mini, and everything in between. We also hope they will give some thought to design.”

“If indeed the market for small PCs skyrockets, you then have to ask yourself, ‘Why the heck does Apple have to be the company that once again lights the fuse?’ How humiliating,” Dvorak writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s humiliating about the fact that Apple is the company that once again lights the fuse? Aren’t you used to it by now, John? Exactly how many decades of proof do you need? We expect Apple to lead. The only way it could be humiliating is if you hate Apple for some reason, work for a Wintel box assembler like Dell, or don’t like being proven wrong time after time after time. Perhaps you’re starting to realize that you’re on the losing team, John?

Dvorak goes on and on about what he thinks a small form factor PC should be, but he’s way off base as usual because he still seems to refuse to understand what a Mac is and what it can do. Dvorak seems to think iLife, Mac OS X, Safari, and the rest of the Apple’s applications are the same as the software available for Windows, it must all just be marketing hype – there are no differences. It’s as if he sees no value in Apple’s Mac OS X operating system and Apple’s software and the synergy they all have with the Mac hardware and the users. Everything for Dvorak seems to be seen from the Windows perspective, so it’s only natural that what he imagines a “PC mini” should be ends up being dull, uninspired, and pedantic.

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  1. “Remember, it took the fruity little iMac to make the PC boys realize that people would accept cool cases that weren’t beige.” – Chris

    …and they still aren’t making anything interesting. And it’s been what – eight years since the iMac was introduced? Pathetic.

    magic word: hard …as in “You’ll have to look hard to find any Wintel assembler who can even steal from Apple with any competence.”

  2. Hey NoMacForYou…

    Nice rebuttles. Are you 13? Do you get bullied by those nasty boys at your locker between Math and Geography?

    I’m sure you did sell a TON of those shuttles. And I’ll bet you’re a successful businessman with a big mansion in Neverland…

  3. I just love it when the PC faithful express their opinions. They can’t argue or debate with quality, so they take a lesson from some political junkies and start with the name calling that shows their TRUE Intellectual level….

    Nomacforyou – You likely should head over to some of the Liberal Political sites, as your name calling will fit in nicely in that environment.

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  5. And at some point, hopefully, the MDN webmaster du jour will realize that some of the posts on this thread have degenerated to such a level that warrants a deletion or two, and do just that. And we’ll all feel so much cleaner.

    However, what I’d like to see if they do indeed get deleted is at least a “message deleted by MDN for off-topic content” or something to that effect.

    Of course, that would then apply to this message, too, but I won’t mind.

  6. I suppose the “humiliating” thing for Dvorak is that none of the big “innovative” companies like Dell, IBM, HP or even some of the smaller and nimbler vendor that ship even more custom gear came up with the Mac mini (nor could they have based n what’s available from the various motherboard makers)

  7. Hmm. I really tried to be objective on this one, but I’m afraid either I failed, or the guy’s an idiot.

    I have personally blown up three small boxes and can only attribute this to heat problems caused by too many components crammed into a limited space with a hot hard drive. That said, I still like these units, and they’re not expensive.

    So he likes them even though they’re so badly designed that he’s managed to blow up THREE of them ? Why the hell does he still buy them if they keep blowing up no him ?

    We hope that the little devices will not overheat and bring bad PR to that segment.

    So he has three sff PCs that blow up, but he’s concerned that the mac will be the one that kills it off for him. Maybe he’s right. Maybe if the Macs blow up, people will dismiss these. If the PCs blow up, well, what did you expect, it’s a shitbox PC !

  8. The Nimble Microsystems V5 that Dvorak mentions in the article is a joke. Read the specs, they are laughable (though to be fair it is very niche for video conferencing):

    VIA C3 Eden 733MHz
    256MB DDR (expandable to 512MB)
    1280×1024 resolution and 32-bit color
    Built-in Microphone,3W Amplifier, stereo jack x 2USB (2.0) x 4, Ethernet Port x 2, PS/2 x 4, VGA x 2
    IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT x2
    IEEE 802.11 Wireless PCMCIA
    Windows XP
    2” x 7.7” x 7.7” (in)

    And the best, $899

  9. I think it’s humiliating….for anyone BUT Apple. Like MDN, I look to Apple to ‘light the fuse of change’. Not Dell, not Gateway and most definitely NOT Microsoft.

    BTW, with his reference to the mini ITX and mini ATX motherboards, didn’t Apple release the Cube beforehand? (Cube released in July 2000).

  10. What’s with this “NoMacForYou” dude … clueless all of the time it seems! BSOD is being more than fair in describing the real situation
    in terms even “NoMacForYou” could perhaps understand … of course
    I’m assuming a lot just there.

    Hey, NoMacForYou, I ain’t a Mac-fan-boy, I’ve used more kinds of computers than you’ve had hot lunches, so try to resist your usual shallow and rude replies. Try to earn some respect by a well considered and meaningful post. Otherwise, go lurk on a Wintel site
    … we do not need your vindictive disgusting vitriol here! Talk about lowering the tone of the place!

    Magic word is “went” as in “NoMacForYou” couldn’t come so he …

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