Are Pepsi iTunes bottlecaps available in your area?

This is a simple story that MacDailyNews readers will write below. During last year’s Pepsi iTunes promo, we received many email messages from MDN readers either reporting Pepsi iTunes winning caps or complaining that the only Pepsi iTunes bottles they’ve seen are the ones on Apple’s website. And now we’re starting to get email about this promo again.

Unfortunately, most of these messages do not state the readers’ locations. So, please use the Reader Feedback section below to tell us all where you found your Pepsi iTunes bottles or where you’ve looked, but not found any bottles.

By the way, iPod Garage’s “iTunes Pepsi Bottlecap Map 2.0” which tracks winning and losing caps (and cups) and their locations across the United States is here.

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  1. I won in Waukesha WI. One Diet Pepsi, one song … sweet. Grocery store (Pick ‘n Save on Capitol Dr. just west of 164) had them in the single bottle case by the register. Have fun y’all

  2. 隣のコンビニで探したがまだここで販売していないらしい。かわいいMr.インクレディブルのボトルキャップがあるけど。

  3. Translation of ‘Keith in Tokyo’ according to Sherlock:

    You searched with コンビニ of next door, but you do not sell yet
    here, it seems. It is lovely Mr. However there is a bottle cap of the
    ink ready bull.
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”question” style=”border:0;” />

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