Apple tearing up The Street, up strongly to hit new intraday all-time high

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) are up $3.46, or 4.68%, to hit a new all-time intraday high of $77.55 per share in heavy volume (18,510,035) morning NASDAQ trading. The company announced the revamp of its line of PowerBook notebook computers earlier this morning. The company will now offer five versions of the PowerBook at prices between $1,499 and $2,699. Apple’s 52-week closing high, set on January 13, 2005, stands at $74.42. Apple’s old all-time closing high stood at $69.562 and pegged $71.00 in intraday trading back on March 28, 2000.

NASDAQ Apple quote (15-minute delay) here.


  1. Does the increase in stock price really have anything to do with the new Powerbooks? More likely it’s a reaction to last Friday’s news about WalMart selling iPod shuffles and Best Buy selling Mac minis? Who knows what these guys think.

  2. I’m still stuck in the “if you like Apple, buy a computer, no the stock” mentality.

    I hope it crashes real hard and “your boy b” loses everything. Then I’ll buy. Nothing personal, I just hate you for your liquidity. As long as the stock doesn’t crash because Steve or Ives leave Apple for some reason.

    I’m surprised at the surge in price though, I didn’t think the PB update was that big a deal. Maybe investors like that Apple are lowering its high-end margins…

    Maybe we’ll see price drops on all Apple products… Naw, Apple needs lots’o cash for buying Microsoft when the time is right. A couple more years…

  3. I love this I bought alot of shares when it was 14 dollars. Now im trying to decide when im going to sell and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Magic Word “several”
    As in I think I will be able to buy several macs.

  4. At my last check – around fifteen minutes ago – Apple were within $3 billion of Sony’s market cap.

    The problem with buying Sony (or anything similar) is that you have to spend a fortune pruning the utterly unfocussed product line to create a solidly profitable company, although you do get the benefit of acquiring Sony’s entertainment arm.

    My shopping list looks like this…

    Macromedia – bulk out the applications division, and make Adobe regret that advert with Dell (I’m part Middle-Eastern Jewish, so bearing a grudge is a genetic thing). $2.4 billion to you, and on a run which is almost as good as AAPL.

    EMI Group plc – tired of squabbling with The Beatles, simply make it easy to get them to shut the fsck up. You also get quite a nice record company and a music publishing company to boot. About $4 billion.

    Avid – let’s be frank, Avid is still the gold standard in post-production systems, so why not take them over and own all four market segments (home consumer [iMovie], prosumer [FCP Express], corporate [FCP HD] and entertainment/broadcast [Avid]). $2.2 billion and you get Digidesign as well.

    Harman Industries – far more focussed than Sony, and – importantly – far more profitable. Home audio for every budget, plus professional production equipment. You also get QNX (real-time embedded OS vendor) who are very big in automotive control systems amongst other fields. Quite a big price tag at over $8 billion – but audio production would mesh nicely with Digidesign/Logic and Harmon/Kardon would mesh nicely with whole Digital Lifestyle thing, and Becker would give Apple control of an in-car entertainment entity.

    Akamai – instead of paying Akamai to distribute iTMS, why not earn money from all the serving that Akamai does for everyone else. $1.7 billion

    I know that all comes to over $17.5 billion, but Apple would a) never do it all at once and b) is heading towards a market cap of over $50 billion in the next two years. Adding these companies in nice easy stages (Macromedia and Avid first, then EMI and Akamai, finally Harman) would turn Apple into a $75 billion company with a great product/brand portfolio on a par with HP financially.

  5. Actually i believe the best investments for Apple would be TIVO and ElGato. Them and a good deal with Sony. Lets start by controlling the living room before the car.

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