Analysts: Apple iPod + Sirius Satellite Radio ‘technologically unfeasible right now’

“After grabbing the spotlight by signing shock jock Howard Stern and launching a palm-sized portable device, hopes are high for satellite radio companies, which are expected to show off navigational, video and recording capabilities next month. XM Satellite Radio Holdings and rival Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. have amassed nearly 4 million subscribers collectively. Expectations for growth are high, with Sirius stock up by triple digits since it nabbed Stern and hired radio veteran Mel Karmazin as its CEO,” Reuters reports.

“Rumors that Sirius and Apple Computer Inc. were going to announce next month at the Consumer Electronics Show or MacWorld a deal to bundle iPods with satellite radio have added to the sector’s buzz. Sirius and Apple declined comment on the rumors, but analysts said it seemed technologically unfeasible right now,” Reuters reports. “‘I don’t believe Sirius’ chip set is at the point where it can go into an iPod. It’s the size of a credit card, and an iPod would need a chip set the size of a thumb nail,’ said April Horace, a Janco Partners analyst. That’s not to say the industry is not thinking about it. After launching its wearable MyFi device in October, XM chief executive Hugh Panero said he believed one day a portable satellite player would be combined with a device like an iPod.”

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  1. I want an iPod with AM/FM/XM/Sirius/VHF/UHF tuning capabilities.

    Hell, I want my car stereo to have the same ability. Maybe I want XM, maybe I want Sirius. Maybe I want both. I want to have the choice of service without having to buy different receivers.

    I’m serious about VHF/UHF sound. I used to live in Richmond where the local CBS affiliate could be heard on 87.7FM. For example I loved to listen to Pyramid in the morning because it made a better radio game show than a TV game show. But it was also good to listen to the prime time shows while I was driving, many shows are damned entertaining even without the video (and others suck ass no matter what).

    I want the Nextel/Sprint merger to work. If they and Verizon get their planned high-speed wireless broadband networks (both up and running and competitive) they could be used to pick-up audio feeds of internet broadcasts (think satellite radio without needing the satellite). Hell, a high-speed wireless broadband network could be used to make a CarPod that could communicate wirelessly with your home computer to upload songs and playlists.

  2. thank god. who whats sirius on their ipod? 10K songs in your pocket and you want to listen to the radio? if so, its called a radio, and its free. if you like, go buy one for $5

  3. yankees suck,
    I do. sometimes I’m not interested in listening to one of my 3,400 songs and don’t want to spend several thousand dollars filling the rest of the space on my iPod. The radio sucks compared to satellite radio, at least here in Minnesota. i would be more than willing to spend a few extra dollars each month to listen to new music that I may or may not still like a month later and thus not need to spend money on those songs. Even if I did enjoy listening to the radio, my pockets aren’t big enough to carry an iPod, radio, and cellphone everywhere I go.

  4. The next iPod should have radio, digital music, cellphone, camera & camcorder capabilities. When connected to a television it should display music, photos & video. It should be a PVR too. It also needs wireless internet & XM radio. Yes. Get to work and do it Apple. I want one the size of a nickel.

  5. You people don’t read. It’s not possible NOW…. To develop a new chip set will take many, many months. And there’s no guarantee that people will want to pony up an additional amount of money for such a an iPod which would also cost you a subscription fee of $9.95 a month. How many freakin’ songs do you need in a 24 hour day? Just because something can possibly be done doesn’t mean it needs to be done. Overkill is the name of the game for techies I’m afraid.

  6. I’d love to have satellite radio built-in to the iPod. When I was in SF in Sept my rental had a Sirius receiver and I thought it was pretty good. A lot more selection than regular radio, and was able to listen to all the NFL games on Sunday while driving down the coast to LA. Like another poster said, sometimes I don’t want to listen to any of my stuff.

  7. I think you’ll see a subscription music service from Apple before you’ll see radio by Satellite. I could see Apple offerring “podCasts” of either satellite service in their radio tab though (for a fee). Want Stern, buy Stern.

  8. The iPod will never have any of these systems. As soon as it does then it will be useless to anyone living outside of the continental USA. Nowhere else has XM or the other one. In europe we have DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) which has hundreds of channels and is totally free. I am not about to start paying for radio, I am also not about to oayer a higher price for my iPOd just because the yanks want a system pout in it that 90% of the world cant access…

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