Report: Toshiba to supply flash memory to Apple Computer

“According to one report, Toshiba may have signed on as a supplier of flash memory for Apple Computer’s forthcoming flash-based music player. Toshiba Corp, Japan’s second largest chipmaker, will soon supply flash memory to Apple Computer, according Yasuo Morimoto, senior executive vice-president at Toshiba,” AppleInsider reports.

“The report, which appeared in China Daily, claims that Toshiba will begin selling the flash memory to Apple in early 2005, presumably for use in the company’s upcoming flash-based iPod. Toshiba is also the supplier of hard drives for Apple’s white iPods, which have sold between 4 and 6 million units to date. The reliability of this most recent report is unknown, and AppleInsider’s own sources have previously reported that Apple will begin manufacturing the iPod flash this month in preparation of an early January introduction. World-wide availability of the iPod flash is reportedly scheduled for February,” AppleInsider reports.

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  1. Yo! Heads of Major Japanese Electronics Concerns.. for fsck’s sake.. stop leaking this stuff to the papers.. you signed a NDA…

    Oh wait.. next we’re gonna hear that SJ is pissed that this baseless rumour got out and especially that it came from Toshiba, and then in January we’ll get to see what the Flash iPod really looks like..


  2. Does this mean there will be no more HD based players i wonder ? The reason i don’t grab a 60gig now is ’cause i’m guessing it’s a stepping stone to a video capable ipod which might be 80gig or more. I mean the iPod Photo does have tv out socket but can’t play movies. But if apple are headed down the smaller flash based road maybe the 60giger might be the last of the big boys.
    Even if i type really slowly, one letter at a time, this magic eye mystery word secret code thing still doesn’t work half the time. I hope MI6 arn’t using this system.

  3. This won’t spell the end of HD players, but they will become more capable. It will be interesting to see the convergence of portable players and PCs (Mac included of course).

    iPod has an OS, storage, and an external display now. Wireless networking may come next. External marketing forces may cause the iPod to evolve further than Apple originally intended.

    Already iPod is a backup OS, user space, music and photo player. An iPod flash won’t be able to cover all those functions. iPod “pro” as it should be called is far more functional than a simple flash player and will continue to evolve far ahead of the latter.

    Apple of course would be in control of this progression. As well they should. Apple has been the most successful company at vertical software and hardware integration. iPod might be missing a array of functions as a result, but it does well what it does. That said, it would be good to see a more flexible player with a competitve level of integration.

    iPod flash will be a welcome addition to the product line, but certainly won’t replace the iPod as portable tool.

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