How to use multiple iPods with one Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows computer

Do you want to use more than one iPod with the same computer? There are a couple of different ways you can do it. Apple has posted an article about how to do so.

Method One
If you share your computer with other people, the simplest way is to maintain separate user accounts on the computer for each person and his or her iPod. This is useful if everyone has different musical tastes; each person gets to maintain his or her own personalized iTunes music library, and can customize the iPod with his or her music.

Method Two
If one person wants to use multiple iPods on a computer, or you don’t want to create multiple user accounts to support multiple iPods, you can set iTunes to update each iPod with only certain playlists. This way, you can put all your music on, say, your iPod photo and keep just your workout music on your iPod mini. First, create a new iTunes playlist for each iPod that contains all the music that you want to send to that particular iPod. Then configure the iPod Options in iTunes so that each iPod gets updated with only your selected playlists.

Learn more about how to use multiple iPods with one computer here.

If you create multiple user accounts on one computer but want the same music to be available in iTunes for all users, see “iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer.”


  1. My wife & I use the one Mac and the one account to update our iPods. Would like Apple to make it easy for multiple accounts on one computer to share a common iTunes Library. While they are at it, not a bad idea for iPhoto as well. I can see families with separate accounts for each person wanting to share their music and photos in a common library. While this is possible using aliases and other means, it’s not easy enough for a beginner to do.

    MDN, please delete all of the previous posts so that I may be first.

  2. One thing I’ve been waiting for…

    What about the ability to share different libraries between accounts on the same machine?

    I don’t like the 70’s disco my wife added, and she doesn’t like my heavy-metal. Yet the other 80% we can share. I really don’t want to duplicate them in both libraries.

    Essentialy we should be able to share a common library between accounts, but allow each user ignore their own songs/albums. (I pray this comes in Tiger)

  3. We have 3 Music Devices, An iRiver, Creative Zen Micro, and Dell DJ…The all will sync using WMP : )

    So hey, I guess MS actually did a good job on one feature ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. We have two iPods and two iPod mini’s in our family and we have been using all four on one family machine. This has been great for us because our kids REALLY don’t like our music. Each ipod is listed in iSync with different names and each person selects which playlists to update. We have other machines in the house but all our music is on one in our family room so we can air-stream it to our stereo. We don’t even own a CD player any more.

    Very cool!

  5. NoMac.. check out Method 2..

    The point is to split up the music that goes on to each device.. this isn’t really hard..

    If you wanted to have 15 iPods and sync them all to the same music library.. it’s pretty simple.. They’re kind of suggesting that a husband/wife might each have an iPod but want to have different music on there… fair enough

  6. NoMacForYou
    We have 3 Music Devices, An iRiver, Creative Zen Micro, and Dell DJ…The all will sync using WMP : )

    So hey, I guess MS actually did a good job on one feature

    A fool and his money are soon….

    I mean um.. why on God’s earth would you encode your music files in WMP format?

    Never mind…

  7. “We have 3 Music Devices, An iRiver, Creative Zen Micro, and Dell DJ…The all will sync using WMP”

    Oh man, sorry to hear that. I’d hate to have all that shit in my house…

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