Oracle to deploy up to 100 terabytes of Apple Xserve RAID storage; Xsan reportedly due soon

“Apple Computer’s rack-mounted storage system received a vote of confidence Monday, with database giant Oracle endorsing the Xserve RAID as part of an initiative to cut storage costs,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “Oracle has identified the Apple product as one of several storage systems that would make a good low-cost alternative to the types of high-end monolithic storage systems that have traditionally been used to store Oracle databases. Additionally, Oracle is using the Xserve RAID in its own technology department to store e-mail, voice mail and calendar information.”

“Oracle is using the Xserve RAID for a task once reserved for pricier Fibre Channel-based disk arrays. The software giant noted in a white paper that the Apple approach was about three times lower on a cost-per-megabyte basis,” Fried reports. “‘Its performance is excellent,’ Oracle said in the document. Apple said Oracle plans to use 50 to 100 terabytes of Apple storage… In addition to support from Oracle, Apple also plans to have its own US$999 storage file system software, dubbed Xsan, available shortly. The software is still on track to be launched this fall, Apple said, giving the company about two weeks to apply the finishing touches and start shipping.”

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  1. I wonder how many ripped DVD’s they could fit on that?
    sure would be one hell of a ‘media centre’!

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  2. Xsan could achieve greatness with a rack full of Xserves and Xserve RAID. The applications running on it would be optimised for 64 bit, Velocity Engine and dual processors. If all OS X 10.4 applications filled those threee criteria, even Doom 3 could run best on this operating system. I look forward to it, and to even more impressive news about the Xserve in 2005.

  3. music, iTunes, iPod, Quicktime, eMac, iMac, Xserve

    The chain of adoption is interesting.. I actually was alot like you guys.. bitching that Apple was becoming the iTunes company.. but really.. it’s obvious why they’re so pumped about music..

    Jack up the installed base on the first part of the chain.. and all the others rise accordingly.. see what i mean..?

    5% of music lovers will get an iPod
    9% of iPod users will pick up an eMac
    25% of eMac users will get an iMac
    after experiencing the Xserve, 0.1% of iMac users may consider an Xserve for their Small Business…

    I deliberately ignored Software because it is the delight that Mac users can only talk about.. that no one else gets until they USE it..

    And until Apple lisences its OS.. you have to buy this hardware (‘cept for iTunes and.. Filemaker) to get this stuff…

  4. This is very good news. It’s not up there with the FedEx rumour, but as it has genuine substance and is real enterprise stuff, so if it gets publicity, it’s probably more important than the VTech cluster.

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