Apple begins selling ‘The Complete U2’ digital box set

Apple today began selling ‘The Complete U2’ digital box set:

Get the digital box set that complements your iPod U2 Special Edition and completes your U2 collection. With the purchase of an iPod U2 Special Edition, you’ll receive an iTunes Music Store coupon that you can use to save $50 when you purchase “The Complete U2,” a digital box set containing 445 songs, including their iTunes-exclusive latest album, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb;” all the group’s previous albums, more than 100 rare live cuts, remixes, covers, demos, and b-sides; and 40 previously unreleased tracks. The boxset also packs a digital booklet (PDF) containing album art, track listings, and band commentary.

More info at Apple’s iTunes Music Store: The Complete U2.

More info: iPod U2 Special Edition.


  1. I wonder who will be the next band to do something like this and how open Apple will be to more of these kinds of promotions. It must cost them a bit to retool for a limited production like this….

  2. Just to let folks know, the link opens iTunes and a portion of the $400 will got to MDN.

    It’s a great profit for them, they could have at least told people instead of hijacking them.

  3. With all due respect, U2 SUCKS!!! Apple basing an iPod on this limited-appeal group is, IMHO, a waste. I could see the Beatles, but not U2. Anyhow, I admire Apple for the experiment.

  4. so what if you think U2 sucks? I am sure your favorate band sucks too (apologies to the Onion)

    imagine this, if you will. after the sucess of this promotion, other bands decide they too want special edition iPods and full box sets. imagine the rolling stones, or moby, or maybe even your favorate band.

    people going to itunes and buying ipods = good.

  5. Okay. I didn’t think the box set would be worth the cost. Assuming, that I owned almost all the important U2 albums. I’ve been a fan of U2s for awhile. But haven’t been that interested in their newer stuff.

    But WOW! I counted around 50+ albums and EPs, including non-released tunes, live performances, remixes, and the like. WOW! Plus�446 songs for ONLY $150.00. Looks like I might have to ante up my credit card and get this set. Especially since the unreleased stuff is only available via the album.

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