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We’ve exterminated the roaches and replaced our mid-home page ad with a link to donate to MacDailyNews. We thank those who’ve donated via PayPal in the past and thank you in advance if you decide to help us defray our operating costs. We’ve minimized the iTunes Music Store affiliation on the site to more closely match its revenue performance. In other words, the iTMS affiliate ads bring in less than 1/25th of our monthly operating costs, so we obviously needed to make room for other options. We thank those who have used the iTunes link (now located in the upper right of all pages) to launch iTunes before buying tunes. MacDailyNews gets a small percentage of each song sold via that link from Apple’s iTunes Music Store at no extra cost to you.

Recently MacDailyNews has upgraded our hosting, migrated to ExpressionEngine, and the site has undergone extensive rewrites of code in order to better serve our growing traffic. These changes have increased our operating costs.

The Apple Store ads on this site are pay-for-performance – meaning that if you click on one of those ads on MacDailyNews and you buy something, MDN gets a small percentage of the sale. These ads have performed well – people are buying things from via MDN links, and that’s very good news! In total, these ads are currently bringing in enough to cover about 1/5th of MDN’s operating costs.

The large top banner ad on this and all pages are rotating ads from MDN’s most-consistent and favorite sponsor, Other World Computing. Without OWC’s sponsorship, MacDailyNews most certainly would not be here today. Thank you OWC and thank you to all who’ve patronized OWC via our top ad! Check out OWC when you need something for your Mac by clicking the large top banner ads above.

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The rest of the ads on the site mainly come from network ad services. These are a mixture of pay-per-impression and pay-per-click ads and the revenue from these ads helps with MDN’s operating expenses. Unfortunately, we need to run a lot of them to make any meaningful revenue. If anyone wishes to advertise with MacDailyNews or knows someone who might, our advertising information page (yes, rates are negotiable!) is located here: MacDailyNews Advertising Info. We are about to begin a strong push for new advertisers to help support the site’s growing operating costs.

We’ve had some limited success in the past with donations. So we’ve removed some network ads (‘bye roaches!) and replaced them with our MDN donation link on the home page and also included in this article below. These donations keep us going and we hope will help us to finance all of the recent changes to the site. We thank you in advance for your donation, every little bit helps! This article will ride at the top of our home page for a while.

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  1. As a former owner of an ad-based website (now defunct) I understand completely. I donated $30 to MDN just now. 8 cents per day — I figure it’s the least I can do. Keep on going MDN!

  2. i don’t mind the ads, and will click through wne I’m going to buy stuff… but I’m so glad the roaches are gone. Flash-based ads are the worst and they seriously seem to slow down some browser… death to them all! (c:

  3. Now if you could just exercise some creative control on the ads, I mean, what kind of monstrosity is that web hosting ad on the right… geeez. That’s just a complete turn off. Are you accepting ads from everyone and anyone?

  4. Taling about adverts, do your advertisers realise that you’re a Mac oriented site. I just can’t understand why you have a windows only smiley advert on the right. I clicked on it thinking it might be something to do with ichat but it wasn’t. oh well.

  5. def. best Mac site out there… all the other ones close up shop around 10am.. you guys keep going throughout the day..

    Furthermore.. I dont have to sign in and get an account, which means I’m free to easily add comments and BAM, they’re there..

    Engadget makes it a hassle.. (i get it..)

  6. I appreciate the fact that you killed the roaches! That was one annoying ad. And hey, if Windows only folks want to give MDN money, that’s OK by me.

    Keep up the great work. This has become the best Mac site IMO. The only thing I wish was that we could edit our posts after we post them.

  7. With the bad things that happened at MacCentral, I did find myself spending more time here. I would also be willing to donate something, but I refuse to use PayPal. I feel that they are a danger to privacy and an overall horrible company. I have had to pass up shareware that I wanted because I refuse to use them. (I prefer Kagi, even though it apparently costs more for developers to use.) Give us an option to PayPal! Find some other company to handle donations, or another alternative.

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