Apple’s first Canadian retail store slated to open in 2005

“Apple Computer on Friday officially confirmed plans to expand its retail initiative into Canada. In a message to employees and members of the Canadian Apple reseller channel, the company said, ‘Apple Canada is announcing today that an Apple Branded Retail Store location will be opening in Toronto, mid year 2005,'” AppleInsider reports. “Apple further stated that its stores “provide great hands-on experience for customers” and that it welcomes the store to Canada as a great complement the existing distribution channels.”

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  1. Lobsang Singsong if you knew Toronto you’d know your comment was a definite “DUH!”

    Yorkdale is a large mall in Toronto.

    Fan-in-TO I just visited the new Vaughn Mills Mall and I doubt it’ll be there. Just isn’t the room now for one (plus I’d suspect Apple doesn’t consider Concord part of Toronto).

    I’d guess the Eaton’s Centre. No mall has greater traffic and being located in the heart of Toronto it has the greatest public accessibility.

    So that’s where my money would be if I were betting on it.

  2. My guess is that will open next Tuesday to coincide with the new U2 album launch. Either that or right on Nov 30th just to make us wait the longest possible time and still get it out in November.

  3. Lobsang Singsong: Anyone from Toronto would know Yorkdale is the name of a mall IN Toronto. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Obviously you aren’t from Toronto, so I’ll cut you some slack.

    Myself, I’m hoping for Ontario’s largest shopping mall: Square One in Mississauga which is the west suburb of Toronto.

  4. Anybody who does not know Toronto might think Yorkdale is a frequent poster on MDN.

    I’ve heard of Toronto, Banff and that place they had the Olympics once. I’ve even been to Vancouver. But I wouldn’t know Yorkdale from Yorkshire pudding.

  5. BTW.. he Canadian ITMS is def. coming this month.. the 26th..

    think about it.. why would they sell the u2 ipod that comes with credit for a store that… CANADIANS CAN’T REDEEM..

    they’ll restrict shipments to countries with iTMS.. but i’m certain that Canada will be one of them..

    Apple already said it was coming this month..

  6. Australia gets U2 iPod as well, but no word in iTMS. It’s even greater in price difference here than a standard iPod and you don’t get to redeem any vouchers that offset the price difference.

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