Apple’s iSight camera and microphone good for much more than just video chat

“Macintosh developers are a curious, experimental lot. Give them a piece of hardware like Apple’s ISight video camera and they let their imaginations run wild inventing novel ways to use it. The $149 ISight has great image quality and works seamlessly with OS X Macs, but the price seems pretty steep just for video chatting,” Rebecca Freed writes for PC World.

“I went in search of alternative ways to use the ISight and found a wider variety of uses than I expected. Here are four of my favorites. All of them are fun–and all of them make the ISight investment pay off. With the exception of IStill, these programs work with other FireWire video cameras, such as typical digital camcorders,” Freed writes.

Freed covers four interesting alternative uses for Apple’s iSight here.

More info, specs, and images of Apple’s iSight here.


  1. RTFA – the game is ToySight, and was mentioned as one of the four in the article.

    iStopMotion looks cool, though. I wish I were a kid again, or at least I wish I still had my G.I. Joe and army men…

  2. Can someone tell me why this endless parade of jackass tech columnists keeps capitalizing the damn letter “i” when they write about Apple products? Geez, talk about screaming at me with the headline that you are clueless about your story subject and that it is a waste of time for me to read any farther. Morons.

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