Apple SoHo morphing into Genius Pickup Bar?

“Coffee shops, bars, chat rooms – so 2003. SoHo’s Apple Store has become the latest singles hotspot. The techie’s paradise on Prince Street is a hive of young, hip New Yorkers who stop by to read their e-mail, load their iPods and check out new digital gizmos – and each other,’ Bridget Harrison reports for The New York Post. “Even though the state-of-the-art shop doesn’t serve coffee or cocktails, singles say it’s a great place to approach strangers because people often spend hours there and there’s something in common to talk about.”

“‘People in here glance at each other just like they do in a bar,’ said Frederick Pina, 25, a writer and Apple Store regular. ‘It’s not a problem to open a conversation because you know everyone has similar interests.’ Newcomers to the store say they are instantly struck by the good-looking crowd, thanks to its location in fashionable SoHo – right around the corner from four modeling agencies. ‘You notice it’s an attractive crowd,’ said account executive Justin Scott, 27, who recommended two approaches to snagging a date in the store. ‘You could play dumb or go for being the tech type, whatever your strong point is,'” Harrison reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We noticed that, too, when visiting the SoHo store. There’s a bit of a different vibe going on in the SoHo store than there is in an, say, Apple Crossgates-type store (nothing against Apple Crossgates, of course).


  1. Wow! First Post…. Now I think I should say something profound here, but that would be just a waste of a good first post…

    No, seriously folks, the iTunes/iPod and Apple phenomenon will become course materials for marketing majors at universities, and i can’t wait until the hype catches on here in europe.

    Germany in general is such a negatively minded country, also where Apple products are concerned, that i will be moving to the UK in February, just so that I can be with the hip crowd, and have an apple store near to me…

    who knows, maybe I will meet my next wife in the Apple store in Regent Street. Finally a woman who would share my passions.

  2. yeah I was at the Soho store recently and, HOLY WOW, there were a bunch of really hot girls. Something about a really hot chick wearing an Apple shirt just makes a room brighter, a song better, a computer more compelling…

  3. They should make the “iPod loading thingy” a permanent offer next to the Genius bar.
    Battery loading, cleaning and polishing if requested. Even a good idea for other cafes or stores. I call the license ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Oh man, I go to the genius bar to pick up women all the time. First off, find a good looking one with a serious problem. Watch the genius screw it up worse, give her bad information, etc. In Los Angeles the genius bar is full of actresses and women in the entertainment industry trying to figure out where their iPhoto library vanished to, or how to move their iTunes music to a new computer. It was more fun before they started this take a number thing. Now everyone takes a number and splits.

  5. I thought I was the only one who noticed this. I met a very nice (and cute) blond girl at the Genius bar in Newport Beach, CA. She was also there when I came back a couple weeks later and we counted the conversation. Alas, I’m a married guy. All us good guys are taken.

  6. Artric:

    Nice idea, but it would only work in the USA and then even I’m not sure.

    In sunny Europe, especially the UK, Eire and (bizarrely) Luxembourg, it is actually against the law to sell equipment or services that facilitate the breach of a copyright holder’s rights.

    So, believe it or not, the main raison d’etre of an iPod or even iTunes (or any of the competition) is [B]illegal[/B]. As is the very notion of a third-party service to convert your CD collection.

    That’s right: buy an iPod and you get close to breaking the law; use iTunes on a CD with normal copyright and you break the law; get someone else to do your conversion for you and you’re involved in a criminal conspiracy.

    And don’t mention “fair use” to me. It doesn’t exist in the UK.

    Which means, somewhat ironically, that the British judge in the Apple vs Apple Corps case who recently admitted that he owned an iPod, was probably confessing to more than he realised.

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