MacSurfShop announces new ‘Longhorn D.O.A.’ designs

The Macsurfshop today announced the November line up of designs, available this month only. releases two New designs along with two Classic designs each month. This month’s designs are as follows:

– Longhorn D.O.A. (NEW) – A really kewl Longhorn skull design on a black T-shirt. Available in short and long sleeved.

– Longhorn – Dead on Arrival (NEW) – Similar to the Longhorn D.O.A. Design but with a bit more detail. Printed on white t-shirts. Available in short and long sleeved.

– Windows for Solitaire (CLASSIC) – Printed on Navy. Available in short sleeved.

– There’s no place like ~/ (CLASSIC) – Printed on Black. Available in short sleeved.

Also this month, Macsurfshop will be giving away three $50 iTunes Gift certificates to three lucky winners. Every Macsurfshop order enters you to win. All orders placed this month will ship no later than December 1st.

See the shirts here.


  1. I like it! Of course, when Longhorn is finally released in 2007 (or eventually released whenever) you won’t be able to wear any apparel with that slogan, irrespective of the amount of promised and expected features removed from the commercial version.

    �Microsoft: We have better ideas, really, just no commercial products.�

    �Microsoft: The idea company. Apple: The product company.�

    �Microsoft: We have ideas. Apple: We put ideas to work.�

  2. Macintosh for a quick bendover (take it in the rear guys)
    Linux for the Calculator (Dick with it all day to make it work)
    Palm? Windows CE for Mobility(sent my palm back 4 times, then got a HP iPaq, much better)
    Windows for Everything(Games, programming, graphics, web, email, porn, whatever)….You guys need to get a grip.

    PS: Never had a virus on a PC, No AV Software Either. : )It Who’s driving the PC that makes the difference, Unfortunately most users are dummer than a bag de la deuche.

    My 189$ Xp Pro OS well spent…

    Send your comments to DevNull

  3. NoMacForYou – queers? dude, shut the fsck up, you country hick, red neck retard. Don’t talk like that. Why don’t we start using ni**er, etc? You’re an idiot, and you’re ignorant.

  4. Ieatmacs4breakfast,

    “Unfortunately most users are dummer than a bag de la deuche.”

    Surely you meant DUMBER, dumbass.

    “Macintosh for a quick bendover (take it in the rear guys)”

    Eh? Surely you can see that there’s a fat ape-like man and a guy looking like Kermit the Frog who are the richest men in the world… and where did they get there money? They took it outta your pocket whilst you were taking it in the rear from them.

    You could at least learn to spell before posting on these forums, you’ll just get burnt alive if you don’t.


  5. NoMacForYou,

    Your posts speak volumes about you, more than any comment I could make.

    At the end of the day, who cares what it’s named after – it’s still not on the shelves, has tons of featured stripped out of it and probably won’t ship till at least 2008.

    Keep trolling NoMacForYou, I love your ineptitude!

  6. The Longhorn Bar is, “one of the most favorable locations in all the drinking world”.

    Message to MS programmers, go to the bar AFTER work.

    Does Longhorn carry a CJD risk?

    (CJD = Mad Cow Disease).

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