Digital Video Broadcasting approves Apple-supported technologies

The DVB Steering Board has approved a revision to its well known implementation guidelines for audio and video codecs over a broadcast Transport Stream to include the option of both H.264/AVC video and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codecs. The revision to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) document (TS 101 154) will now be forwarded to ETSI for standardisation and will be published shortly. Upon publication it will be available for download via [url=][/url] .

The new document mandates support of Main Profile for H.264/AVC SDTV receivers, with an option for the use of High Profile. The support of High Profile is mandated for H.264/AVC HDTV receivers.

Entitled “Implementation guidelines for the use of Video and Audio Coding in Broadcasting Applications based on the MPEG-2 Transport Stream”, the latest addition to the DVB family of standards is designed to promote interoperability between transmissions and receivers by describing a set of requirements for implementing the codecs in a Transport Stream, i.e. the traditional DVB broadcast environment used in cable, satellite and terrestrial transmissions.

Peter MacAvock, DVB


  1. cool !! ….

    Apple is once again on the forefront by adopting these codecs….

    Wonder how long it will take for the writers of crappy code, up in Redmond… write something similar.. that wont work… and rebuffer endlessly ??

    And then spend millions advertising how great it is ?

  2. What Frank Casanova said:

    ‘Allowing the ISO the use our file format has turned out to be the best decisions we could have made.’

    What Frank Casanova meant (directed at Microsoft):


    Not ‘Mate”, yet, but a check, hard into the boards, to mix metaphors.


  3. “Apple is once again on the forefront by adopting these codecs….”

    Or is it the other way around? Are others incorporating Apple’s Quicktime codecs instead?

  4. I believe that this means that converting AVC video and AAC audio streams into a format understood by the digital TVs and receivers is now possible (DVB-T stands for terrestrial, DVB-C stands for cable and DVB-S stands for satellite networks – I guess these terms are more widely in use in Europe than in USA) is now possible. Summa summarum: you can use Apple’s computers WITH Apple’s codecs to broadcast in a digital TV network. And isn’t HDTV part of the DVB standard as well?

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