Dented Death Star releases Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.1 Update

Microsoft today released Virtual PC for Mac Version 7.0.1 Update which is recommended for all users who are using Virtual PC for Mac Version 7.0. This update improves overall stability of Virtual PC and other issues affecting customers who are running Virtual PC on Power Mac G5 computers with more than 2 GB of memory, according to Microsoft.

More info and download link here.

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  1. Yeah, thanks, that’s great. However, I don’t even have Virtual PC 7 yet, so I couldn’t use this update even if I wanted to! Geez, I’ve only had it on order since August for heaven’s sake, get on the ball and release it M$!!!

  2. webbyswim… no problem


    In this case, you better get used to the Evil Empire trying to explain why they so many (and very frequent) malware problems…

    As I said in an earlier thread…. TRY not to poke too much fun at your PeeCee Buddies, when you show them about this new virus they most likely caught !!


  3. Lancer,

    Virtual PC has been out for more than a month. It’s been in Apple Stores since early October. I got mine last week. And it was on order since April! (Office Pro.)

    And they said they would get this fix out fast – the 2+ gig meomory bug in G5s – and sure enough, they did!

    I’m still waiting for MAJOR bug fixes in Portfoliio 7, which has been out since June.

  4. No Eric, Lancer is right. The standalone and upgrade versions are still not yet available. Only the full version with Windows XP Pro (also included in Office 2004 Pro) has been released.

  5. >Love the star wars analogy. Can I be a wookie?

    Well it is the wrong spelling, should be wookiee:
    but in any case “wookie” was my user name way back in the 1980’s … I have to try to remember which machine I used it on first, DEC-10, IBM RT PC, VAX-11/750, sigh … the good old days!

    From VMS to MVS to Virtual PC … an improvement?

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