Apple iMac G5: beautiful, quiet, innovative – ‘they’ve really outdone themselves this time’

“Apple has done it again with the introduction recently of their new G5 iMac. If this isn’t the most beautiful, funky, striking, original design for a production model computer on the market today I don’t know what is,” Murray Hill reports for The Sasktaoon Sun.

“Simply put the new iMac is beautiful… This computer will wow you right out of the box… I can tell you that this is the quietest computer I’ve ever used… This is certainly the most innovative computer Apple has come out with to date and I think that they’ve really outdone themselves this time,” Hill reports.

Full article here.


  1. The momentum is building, and this is just one of many recent articles praising the Mac.

    If I have any concern at all, it is that we (Apple and its supporters) are still not doing a good enough job in promoting the operating system – as opposed to the hardware.

    Yes… the articles all gush about the hardware, (which is the best, let’s face it) – but they seldom clearly state the benefits of Mac OSx over the unstable and insecure Windows platform.

    But I’m not complaining…. all this attention is great.

  2. This is great news. Generally speaking, you really can’t be sure you’re a success in ANYTHING until you’ve made it in Saskatoon!

    (Just kidding. I’ve been there. Neat place.)

  3. It’s only a small sampling of the praises that are being lavished on the iMac G5. My co-worker is going to be buying one on his student discount. (I had a small hand in that. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. My boss just bought one to replace a B&W G3, and I have two others here at work that are looking to buy either an iMac or iBook this Christmas.

    The tide most definitely seems to be turning.

  5. I helped someone buy an iMac G5 today. I’ve done my duty for the cause. 1GB for $300? Um, no we’ll get that for half the price somewhere else.

    I wish Apple, Dell, and other online PC retailers would quit gouging on the RAM. Ok, maybe just a little, but $300 for 1GB of consumer RAM? c’mon! Maybe for max performance or ECC server RAM…

    And when is someone going to come out with a stand that swivels into a handle, or folds completely against the case so I can throw this bad-boy in a bag and take it with me?

    I want to replace my 867MHz 12″ PowerBook laptop with a 17″ G5 backtop. Alas, I’ve settled for maxing out my little 12″er with 1.125GB of Ram ($220 btw) and replaced my internal 4200RPM 40GB HD with a 7200RPM 60GB HD.

    When’s Apple going to start putting in fast hard drives in their PowerBooks? I know 4200RPM drives save a watt per hour and a degree of temperature, but performance takes a huge hit and cracking these things open isn’t an easy task. It’s a performance notebook for crying out loud! Put in a faster disk!

  6. The only nit I have with the article is the “quietest computer” part. The fanless iMac was even quieter. In a world where PC users are looking for anything to criticize about what’s written about Apple or the Mac, this kind of generalization can be bad.

    Overall, this is great to see the kind of attention and press Apple is garnering for the great products they make.

  7. I’ve had my 20 inch G5 iMac for about a month now and it’s as quiet as a mouse… even when doing heavy duty stuff. From reading some of the Mac sites though, I think a few have gone out with noisy fan problems.

  8. iMac is great. Apple’s minimum included memory policy isn’t. When it comes to finishes for the keyboard and mouse, I wish Apple would learn something from the Navy.

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