Bono-Glaser photo caption contest now open

Apple Computer and the rock band U2 are rumored have inked a deal to sell customized iPods. It’s believed that the announcement will happen at an event Oct. 26 in San Jose, Calif. Appearing at the event will be Apple CEO Steve Jobs and U2’s Bono and the Edge.

One the eve of the rumored announcement, we thought we could have some fun in the form of a photo captioning contest. So what if it’s one of those contests where nobody wins a “real” prize? Who cares! It’s fun anyway. Below is a photo of U2’s Bono (left) and Real’s CEO Rob Glaser (right) – have at it!


  1. Rob wonders if Bono’s sunglasses have x ray vision and worries if Bono can see his bra that is holding in his man boobs. Meanwhile Bono thinks “this guy smells like pork rinds”

  2. “The reason we’re going with Apple is because their software doesn’t suck and they don’t spend all of their time trying to rip off their competitors’ technology and ideas.”

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