Apple, iTunes, Steve Jobs along with Real, Rob Glaser up for Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards

Billboard today announced finalists for the first annual Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards. Apple, Ubisoft, Sony Pictures and XM Satellite Radio lead the finalist nominations in multiple categories, including the prestigious “Innovator of the Year” and “Brand of the Year” awards. Apple/Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser, game designer Will Wright and HDNet chairman/Billboard Digital Entertainment Conference keynote speaker Mark Cuban also received nominations for the “Visionary of the Year” award.

Winners will be announced at the Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards Gala Dinner, which will be held from 6:30pm – 10:30pm on Friday, November 5, 2004 in the Grand Horizon Ballroom, UCLA Covel Commons at Sunset Village.

The Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards celebrate vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and brand development in digital entertainment. With awards in 26 unique categories honoring achievements involving games, music and film, television and video, Billboard recognizes the cutting-edge developments and forward thinkers shaping the future of entertainment.

Billboard has created the awards ceremony in partnership with Digital Media Wire, the digital industry’s leading news organization and events company. Finalists were chosen by a panel of distinguished judges from the music, gaming and film/TV industries. Throughout the review and judging process, entries were evaluated on a point system based on specific criteria relevant to each category as set out in the category descriptions. Particular focus was given to innovation, creativity, content, interactivity and market success. For a list of judges please visit [url=][/url]

Following is a selected list of finalists for the Billboard Digital Entertainment Awards:


1. Visionary of the Year
Mark Cuban – Chairman, HDNet
Rob Glaser – Chairman & CEO, Real Networks
Steve Jobs – CEO, Apple / CEO, Pixar
Will Wright – Game Designer (SimCity and The Sims)

2. Innovator of the Year
Apple, iTunes
Bram Cohen, Creator of BitTorrent
Dr. Richard Marks and Sony Computer Entertainment America Eyetoy
Hugh Panero and XM Satellite Radio, Inc., XM Radio

3. Brand of the Year
EA Sports
Virgin Mobile
XM Satellite Radio


1. Best Downloadable or Subscription Music Service
Apple iTunes
Musicmatch on Demand
Rhapsody, Real Networks

MacDailyNews Take: “Joke of the Year” would be Billboard announcing, “Visionary of the Year, Rob Glaser.” We could, however, see Robbie snagging “Krispy Kreme Customer of the Year.” And, if any service other than Apple’s iTunes gets “Best Downloadable or Subscription Music Service,” well… we’ll just wait and see before we comment.


  1. I’m going to win all the categories – even those where I am not nominated! I’ll show Jobs who matters in this business – me.

    [SJ – if you are reading this PLEASE let me into the iPod]

  2. Maybe Hugh Panero and SJ will meet in the middle and realize they could have a HUGE coup on their hands, XM on iPOD = iXM

    blowing all of the am/fm tuner MP3 players out of the water once again

  3. Thanks for the link MDN now I know what Krispy Kreme is & what people are talking about. Do you Americans actually eat that? Now I know why America is the fattest country in the world.
    Even though a lot of Aussies are not far behind you guys.

  4. Ballmer for rap/dance — Yeaahhhrrrghhhh!

    You know … MDN needs its own poll, but a carefully thought out one.

    As for Krispy Kreme … I once knew a girl who would kick her knickers into a corner and squeal with delight if it landed “crispy-side up.”

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