HP Tunes allows playing of iTunes songs and playlists in Windows Media Center interface

“The latest Media Center PCs from HP come with a special iTunes-related feature built into Microsoft’s new Windows XP Media Center Edition software. The computer maker created the feature, called HP Tunes, to let users of its Media Center PCs play songs and playlists from iTunes within the Windows Media Center interface, the special Microsoft software designed to be controlled using a remote while sitting back in a chair or couch in the living room,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“Although Apple makes its iTunes software available on the regular Windows operating system, HP is unique among Media Center PC vendors in offering an iTunes connection inside the Media Center interface. The move results from the alliance announced earlier this year between HP and Apple. HP sells an HP-branded iPod and preinstalls the related iTunes jukebox and music store on HP computers,” Bishop reports. “Without the HP Tunes feature, Media Center PC users would need to exit the Windows Media Center interface and use the ordinary Windows desktop to access their iTunes music. That’s because Microsoft’s music software doesn’t play songs encoded in the AAC format that Apple uses.”

Bishop reports, “It would have been ‘mind-boggling’ for people who bought both HP iPods and HP Media Center PCs not to have a connection to iTunes within the Media Center PC interface, said Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg. For that reason, he said, it was ‘a really good move on HP’s part’ to create HP Tunes.”

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  1. I hope this version get “leaked” to other media center PC makers…

    Right now we need to be worrying about MS’s move to control the DRM format with it’s PlayWithSelf initiative. People are going to buy that crappy idea without realizing that doing so will eventually result in having to pay a monthly fee to MS for the right to listen to music and watch videos that they DON”T EVEN GET TO OWN.

    If spreading this version of Win Media Center would mean helping to solidify or increase the % of the more sensible DRM, than so be it.

  2. iTunes, iPod on Windows….

    Nothing more than the most sophisticated Trojan Horse ever devised.

    When LongHorn finally makes its debut – and the Windoze users discover that they need all new hardware to run it (which they will)… Are they going to purchase a new PC for LongHorn, or say, “Well, I’ve got to buy a new computer anyway… Let’s look at the Mac” ?

    In about three years, the Mac will be an unstoppable juggernaut.

    Meanwhile – here Windows users, try this iPod… try this iTunes…. Nice, eh?

    Heh heh heh…..

  3. When you’re in WMP10 go to personal media players, the Apple iPod is on the top of the list…Microshaft is gonna sell ipods for apple because of HP and HP will also sell music and PC’s for MSN.

    Are they going to purchase a new PC for “Longhorn, or say, “Well, I’ve got to buy a new computer anyway… Let’s look at the Mac””

    I dought it. there is to much vested in alot of users Systems. (SOFTWARE) Usually, they will either upgrade the OS on newer systems or buy another System. Users of older systems will still run LH without avalon, thus running much faster. Even if apple gained significant market share, would they stay the same company? Or become another stumbling corporation?

    From what I’ve seen in Loooooonghorn, OS X will mostly have to catch up again. I think most of your obssessions with LH have been baseless, Have you used the new API’s?
    Or the new shell…Does anyone know that MSDOS is actually gone?

    BTW I think that Itunes being available on MSN is Great..Unfortunatly, MS will just sell more Licenses..


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