Microsoft really, really hates Apple’s ability to be so cool

Microsoft wants to be invited into your living room – but Apple looks the cooler bet… At a Financial Analyst’s meeting earlier this year, Ballmer said that he tells Microsoft people: ‘The goal is to be first


  1. It seems everyday I come up with another way to use my Apple products to make my home better. In fact, using the “iPod as a remote control” hack, I am able to start my truck remotely with a cronjob (every weekday, my truck starts at 7:30am using the remote starter and an IR signal ). My house is wired for entertainment, with Aiport Expresses near each stereo (even the kitchen radio). I couldn’t imagine trying to get all this going with MS products.

  2. Microsoft cool – Nah
    Gates cool – maybe in alternate universe where geeks are the champions who get all the girls ( Oh how I wish that was so ;D )
    Ballmer – HELL NO, but then again with those excellent dancing skills and bit of practice, Ballmer could become the next Fonzie. Aaaayyy!!!!!

  3. Does Coca-Cola talks about Pepsi’s bad taste? Does BMW talks about how sad Ford is? Does any leading technology company talks about how bad the competitors are? I think a company (and a politic candidate, for that matter) talks bad about competitors when it cannot offer by itself a good alternative, one that can erase by itself competence, that company is lost in space and it knows it.
    If you talk about how bad a competitor is instead of demonstrate your own value WITH FACTS, then, you are a looser.

  4. Rick,

    I also find it interesting how certain large corporations do criticize the competion. You point out that Coke does not belittle Pepsi, but the reverse is not true; Pepsi advertising regularly uses low digs at Coke to market their own syrup. Take the most recent Pepsi commercial advertising the half-carb version of Pepsi; they compare it to the regular version of Coke, without acknowledging that Coke has its own half-carb version (C2); while the ad is essential factual, it is in reality a lie by omission. This, to me, is somewhat akin to saying that Windows XP is faster that a Mac Classic; sure, it’s true, but it also ignores that fact that it’s a 15 year old model and that the current G5 with OS X blows Windows out the door.

    I have far more respect for advertisers willing to advertise on their own merits rather than dump on the competitor. Now as for personal blogs, message threads, etc…have at it!

  5. “Apple can’t do it,” says Ballmer of the complete converged environment.

    I wonder if this little comment will find its way into Apple’s bulleting board; posted for all Apple personnel to see and remember.

    When Apple puts it all together in the consumer space, Windows wont’ know what hit them.

    The big problem with Windows is that like a cheap copy of a Picasso, its culture of copying Apple will not ever be able to surpass the original

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