Pepsi and Apple to give away an iPod an hour until Christmas

From Pepsi’s site:

Hold on to your headphones people ’cause we’re about to give away a truckload of iPods. To be precise, we intend to put one iPod an hour, every hour, of every day, for 84 straight days, in somebody’s hot little hands!

For those counting at home… That’s a staggering total of 2016 iPods!!

The promotion began October 3rd, 2004 at 12:00:01 AM ET and is open to Canadian residents only. The promo ends December 25, 2004 at 11:59:59 PM ET.

More info and official rules here.


  1. Yeah, but what will the tariff and taxes be from the Canadian government on these free iPods? Those socialists will certainly want their 50% or so cut of the action.

  2. What??? A US company doing something nice for Canada? Did Bush do that bad in the debates? A preemptive strike on country with the worlds largest undefended border by the US? What gives?

  3. Hey, we had to sit by the wayside while you guys had your free iTMS tracks promo, which you hardly took advantage of. At least we’re getting something this time around. (Yes, I’m a Canadian living in the US right now, but I’m speaking for my brothers and sisters back home.)

  4. freeze: Yes it does suck not having an iTMS here…

    TonyB: No tariff! Taxes – well that’s a different matter…

    It’s about time we got an iTMS – I hope the pricing is comparable.

    It is also a rarity that a large company does have a good promotion here – because there are only roughly 10% of the population as the US, we get promotions about 10% the size (U.S.: “A New Car!” Canada: “A New Bike!”)

    whew – gotta enter again…

  5. i like reading about canadians moaning about the lack of itms. its like red sox fans bitching about not winning the world series. just shut up and someday, when you’re good enough, it will happen. Until that day, go Yankeees and everyone else except cananda!

  6. *thud*

    That was me falling out of my chair. Such great news. Pepsi is going to make me switch colas permanently.

    Funny, but in terms of market share, Pepsi is the Apple of the carbonated beverage world (only if that world is occupied by Coke and Pepsi). ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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