Apple introduces two New Jam Packs

Apple today introduced two new Jam Packs for its GarageBand music creation software, giving musicians and aspiring musicians alike all of the loops and software instruments they need to create music in the genre of their choice. Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools makes it easy to produce compelling dance, hip-hop and electronica tracks; and Jam Pack 3: Rhythm Section offers songwriters a complete backing band to help build a professional sounding foundation for their rock, alternative and country music.

“GarageBand and the original Jam Pack made it possible for anyone, regardless of their musical background, to easily create great sounding music on their Mac,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple


  1. They need to have a commercial with an incredible funky electronica song, playing while showing a guy using Garageband, and telling everyone that this comes standard on every Mac. That’ll probably sell about 500,000 iMacs right there…

  2. I need your help quick!

    Do i buy the old JamPack or the new one? I have an old one on order, ready for pick up at my institution but now i don’t know whether to ask for one of the new ones. Can anyone tell whether some of the stuff in 2 and 3 was previously included in the old JamPack?

    I actually use all of the things featured in these 3 packs. What is the best choice?

  3. I think they need a commercial that shows all the cool things that can be done in iLife for those PC people who haven’t a clue what it is. It can show this guy watching a DVD. On the DVD is a movie made entirely by this “average” Joe. All the music is created by him, the filming and editing, the slide-shows, everything done by this one guy. Then it can say something like “iLife, helping you bring out your creative talents.” I don’t know. I’m not into advertising. “iLife. We give you the tools. The talent is up to you.”

  4. mac dood – The Jam Pack 2 and 3 are not new versions, they are different jam packs geared towards different things.

    Mike – If you do a little of everything – like you said, go with Jam Pack 1; JP2 is geared towards techno, and 3 towards beats and drum stuff. JP1 has a little of everything, of course, it is the only one that I have, and I love it.

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