Apple introduces Logic Pro 7 & Logic Express 7

Apple today introduced Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7, the next major releases of its award-winning professional music creation and audio production software applications used by more than 200,000 musicians and audio engineers worldwide. At $999, Logic Pro 7 includes breakthrough new software instruments such as Sculpture, a component-modeling based synthesizer; UltraBeat, an innovative and powerful drum machine; and new plug-ins including Guitar Amp Pro, a full-featured guitar amplifier simulator. Along with over 100 workflow enhancements, new mastering plug-ins and support for Apple Loops, Logic Pro 7 debuts distributed audio processing, a revolutionary technology which allows audio pros to tap into a virtually unlimited number of Macs to expand available Digital Signal Processing (DSP) power.

Logic Express 7, a streamlined version of Logic, provides a basic set of professional tools for students, educators and advanced hobbyists at an affordable price of $299. Logic Express 7 and Logic Pro 7 both come with support for projects from GarageBand, Apple


  1. Logic and Digital Performer were originally created as MIDI only apps, and have added audio support. Pro Tools was built from the ground up as an audio app, but later added MIDI support. While the MIDI features and flexibility in PT were originally a lot less than in Logic or DP, they are now enough for a lot of people. I’ve used all the apps (my old favourite MIDI app was Opcode’s Studio Vision Pro, but Opcode went out of business a while ago – the last OS they supported was 8.6).

    I’ve found PT to meet my MIDI needs so far, but this new Logic Pro 7 bundle has a lot of new features, so manu in fact that it’s probably worth picking up. It also makes full use of Digidesign’s PT hardware (which I use daily).

    Reason is a remarkable compositional app, combining samplers, drum machines, softsynths, and many other features, all for a great price!

  2. Garageband is the App..

    Soundtrack is kinda like.. Clipart.. for music.. it’s a whole bunch of tracks and samples that Apple offers you to use however you like…in addition to the hundreds and hundreds present in G-band

  3. Soundtrack is a soundtrack tool for video editors with no music skill. Garage Band is more of a song editor for lone musicians (or bands who don’t mind recording one track at a time).

    Garage Band has MIDI support; Soundtrack doesn’t. Soundtrack has Final Cut Pro/Express integration; Garage Band doesn’t.

    Really, almost only thing they have in common is that they both support Apple Loops.

  4. In Apple’s comparison chart of Logic Pro and Logic Express, it shows only Pro supporting “External Instruments” under the heading Select Software Instruments. Does anyone know what that is referring to?

    Hey auslander, I’m still using Studio Vision Pro on an OS 9.2.2 partition. Still works as well as it ever did! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> If it wasn’t for all the nifty software instruments around now, I would probably still be perfectly happy with SVP.

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