‘Apple iPod from HP’ print ads posted online

“These are three ads I found in the September 3 issue of ‘Entertainment Weekly.’ Sorry about the weird crops that occasionally appear. It’s not exactly easy to scan a two-page perfectly,” MacDailyNews reader “macnut222” writes on his .Mac website.

See the ads here (hope we don’t exceed macnut222’s .Mac bandwidth limit).


  1. I predict that HP will also get a license to market the “Apple iPod Mini by HP” just as soon as apple can strong-arm hitachi into making more of the drives.

  2. izardoz.. how many win users are given a choice?!

    most stores hold macs in the back corner of the store, and misinform customers about power (ala MHz myth) and software (12,000 titles +)

    choice is one thing, but an informed choice is something else

  3. That HP link works Whoops. Thanks. I am just glad HP didn’t plaster their logo all over the front of it like Sony and Rio do to theirs. That would be blasphemey. I hope i spelled that right!

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