Apple shares set new 52-week high to close at $34.66

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) closed up $1.61, or 4.87%, at $34.66 in NASDAQ trading today on heavy 17,072,349 share volume to set a new 52-week high. AAPL’s previous 52-week high was $34.19 set on June 28th.

The $34.66 mark is an almost four-year high and comes ahead of the launch of Hewlett-Packard Co.’s version of the iPod digital music player and Apple’s new iMac G5 computer which is expected to be released soon.

NASDAQ AAPL quote here.


  1. come on.. it just went from overpriced to way overpriced…

    aren’t we all expecting the next quarters results to be a letdown due to chip shortages..

    go short. buy back at 25 (will it ever hit 25.. hrm)

  2. Uh, don’t forget the new iMac G5 announcement comming sooooon! Just in time for X-Mas buying!!

    This IBM delay your hearing is actuallly a retooling for more chip production. (Even the Nvidia 6800 Ultra (IBM) is delayed)

    And then IBM is going to roll out the first Dual core 970MP chip for PowerMac’s and Apple will roll out “Tiger” fully 64 bit OS.

    They are still working on a G5 Powerbook I beleive.

    Let me push my broom down the halls here at Apple some more and see what I can come up with.

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  3. It won’t matter. Apple’s stock always goes up, then comes down in a big hurry. It did just so (about this same time) a few years ago and fell into the low teens. Look for massive chip shortages, slow delivery of iMacs until later this year, no 3 ghz PowerMacs until next year, no G5 PowerBooks until end of 2005.

    There’s no teeth in this tiger.

  4. The chip shortage is going away over the next 2-3 months (though not the next 1 month), it’s already been announced. That is the ONLY fly in the ointment. So many other things are going well for Apple. If the new iMac is a hit and the M$ music store doesn’t shake Apple’s dominance (two big IFs, though I’ve got my fingers crossed), Apple stock is easily headed for $40, maybe beyond.
    Let the trolls sit on their hands, while the rest of us clean up. There’s a reason trolls have to buy crappy $399 computers…

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