Hewlett-Packard-branded Apple iPod to debut Friday

“Hoping to make a big bang in the consumer electronics market, Hewlett-Packard plans on Friday to unveil its long-awaited HP-branded iPod, along with its first televisions, an entertainment hub and the usual array of new printers and cameras, sources said,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

“The iPod, while expected to be similar to Apple’s version, is important both as the company’s entree into the music market as well as a part of HP’s strategy to become cool enough to be allowed in the living room,” Fried reports.

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  1. When this was first announced, HP showed off a 2nd generation iPod in blue. But I would have to think that the model coming to market will be in line with Apple’s current offering (i.e. click wheel).

  2. They showed a blue iPod that was then currently available in January. It was hastily “made” as the deal was finalized the day before the announcement. They will introduce a 4th Gen version in blue.

  3. This could save Carly from the unemployment line, if all goes according to plan.

    This is great for the business IT person; they can expense out their music player as a ‘portable 40 gigabyte hard drive’, and it won’t raise a red flag in the accounting department because it comes from HP!

  4. I think it would be a great idea if HP were to allow iPod connectivity via usb to their printers so that CD Labels and Inserts could be printed without the need for a computer. The notes capability of the 3rd and 4th G iPods would make it relatively easy to impliment. It would simply be a matter of Apple including all CD label information when an iPod user downloads a complete Album from the iTunes library. For complelation CD’s an AppleScript powered interface could be utilized to grab lyrics for the songs included and a final design could be displayed in Preview. Something like a small combo Printer/CD burner for use with iPods would be a great addition. Also, since Apple is not allowed to distribute music via physical media because of their contractual agreement with the Beatle’s Apple Corp,, perhaps HP or Pixar can be a liason for supplying Enhanced DVD media from artist that Apple may sign up in the future if they do get into music from a complete process stand point. Who would be better for the artist than Apple and the multimedia capabilities that they can supply for new indie artist?

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