Apple Computer is the Teflon tech stock

“You’ve heard of the Teflon Don and the Teflon president. Apple Computer is the Teflon tech stock,” Paul R. La Monica reports for CNN/Money. “Shares of the iPod maker have held up well during a turbulent market. And there’s more room to grow.”

“There is a rather lengthy laundry list of concerns facing the company. So considering how jittery the market has been for the past few months, it’s truly amazing how well shares of Apple have held up,” La Monica reports. “Guess what: I still think Apple looks attractive. Here’s why.”

Full article here.


  1. c,
    Lighten up man, we’s just funnin’.

    “I wouldn’t buy Apple stock even if Bill Gates slipped some in my drink.”

    Yeah Ron, we know all about you. Different story altogether if he used it as a suppository though; you’d be on it like a Rottweiler on a pot roast. Asking for ketchup even.

  2. Jas:


    Are we gonna have to re-hash that old bit about MS investing in Apple?

    Apple and MS have nothing to do with one another other than MS looking to Apple for R&D.

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