World’s first simulation of Mac System 7.0 debuts online

“The WebSE is a homage to the most innovative system in computer history. The official release date for System 7.0 was April 1991 in the US and June 1991 in Europe. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh computer, we published the Web SE on-line. This Internet version is not ROM-based and only a graphic replica of the original Apple Macintosh system version 7.0. The WebSE offers a simulation of System 7 on a Mac SE-natural 1 Bit display, with some extensions and some limitations,” Oliver Soehlke & Lukas Pajonczek write for

Test drive Mac System 7.0 (click the “Test Drive a Macintosh” link, Flash required) here.


  1. Incredible…it’s close, not perfect, but very close. I still have my old mac classic. Sometimes I’ll just pull it out and do a little old school programming in Pascal. I feel like grabbing it now.

  2. CHM & G5:
    Old news isn’t old news if someone hasn’t heard of it!
    Even those who knew, may have remembered the site existed, but not where it was. What’s wrong with refreshing this story? Trying to show everyone how much you know and how little they know?

    If it’s old to YOU, don’t read it. There are other stories…

  3. Hi,

    a nice discussion ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> sure the Web SE isn�t new… My mate Lukas an me published the Web SE in January and now 207000 people from all over have boot our little “bring back the ol� days” simulation. Many discussions about versions, menus and dates. this is a simulation of a system 7 on a Mac SE. mmmmmm ok – control panel taken from sys 6 (because of its simlicity) many “extencions” installed like “BeHirarchic” “Eyeballs” “AfterDark” and others. We hope you enjoy the Games. Tetris is like the ol� thing – check it out !

    Have Fun,

    Oliver – – Web SE coder

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