Microsoft Windows is a sieve, easy-to-compromise

“Microsoft has been waiting for security researchers to say that its Windows operating system has a lower total cost of ownership. One finally has, but that’s not good news,” Robert Lemos reports for CNET News. “On Friday, David Aitel, a noted security professional and managing director of vulnerability assessment firm Immunity, published a paper stating that ‘owning’ a computer–hacker-speak for compromising a system–is easier if the target computer runs Windows. While couched in puns and jokes, the paper takes a serious stance on the security of Windows compared with modern Linux, Aitel said. ‘We are having some fun with it, but the underlying data and conclusions are real,’ he said.”

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  1. It’s quite ignorant to take a stance such as that. While it may be more appealing to kids to use (in the school environment), I think it’s far more productive to that child’s learning. The child can develop more artistic values while someone growing up on Windows (XP in particular) might end up being a tech-mechanic in no time. Personally I thought OS X look slick when I first saw it. I’ve added thems Shapeshifter, Dock hacks, screensavers as my desktop, personalized icons and applications. I wouldn’t want my computer any other way. I hop onto Windows and start to get bored.

  2. Well, believe it or not, Windows IS easier to own: most Windows users I know have everything pirated, starting with the OS itself.

    I find that an higher percentage of Windows users tend to steal the OS and have pirated tools and applications than OS X users.
    Maybe it is because for a Mac user there is the reward of money well spent when buying software. With the crap there is around for Windows (and the OS itself) I would feel robbed of every dollar I happened to spend on sw titles.

    They usually say “I can’t do that on the Mac” and feel dumb when I tell them that it is entirely possible instead but – really – we do not feel the urge to do it.

    Oh, maybe it is also because the average Mac user earn more money? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> (j/k)

  3. Think what would happen to the economy if Windows was suddenly and completely secure and was easy to setup and maintain. What if it just worked. Just maintaining Windows is a multi-billion dollar industry. Windows keeps a lot of people working and in that regard Windows is simply the best.

    God bless you Bill!

  4. If MacOS X is regarded as a “toy OS”, then what does this make Windows? A “toy OS” in spe? A “toy OS” wanna be? – Stockholm Dude

    In the spirit of the article, it is good to be a toy OS with very high total cost of 0wnership. Let the $cr1p7 k1dd135 “work” on Windows which is very efficient and let them 0wn those computers with low effort.

    …and watch the mindless stare of all windows owners as they read the article, not comprehending that there is a choice. – G Spank

    Probably they don’t even have a clue what “0wn” means and shout approval that their choice is being confirmed by the low cost study.

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