Alias announces ‘Maya Unlimited’ for Mac OS X coming late summer 2004

From the Alias website:

The Mac community has repeatedly asked us for the same award-winning Maya Unlimited software currently only available for Windows, Irix and Linux operating systems, and we have listened. Now, thanks to your unwavering support for the effort, we are happy to announce that Maya Unlimited will soon be available for Mac OS X.

Mac artists were the driving force that persuaded Alias to first launch Maya Complete for Mac OS X and the demand for Unlimited on this platform has been steadily growing ever since. Maya Unlimited is well worth the wait: the world


  1. Then if Maya is full of viruses, it’s full of viruses on PC’s as well!

    Also, you seem to spend an awefull amount of time on this website… you really must love macs as much as we do!

  2. MDN forum is never the same since the arrival of trolls and all these handle thieves. We always have troll problems in the past but never this bad and these handle thieves just make things worse. To compound that, people respond to these trolls and really makes the board less friendly. MDN is one of Mac forums that allow posting without registering which is wonderful. Too bad it is ruined now.

    I hope MDN editors/moderators take care of this problem before all the regulars stop posting and contributing.

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