Apple CEO Steve Jobs: Mac OS X Tiger ‘is going to drive the copycats crazy

“Apple Computer Inc. chief executive Steve Jobs previewed the next release of the Mac OS X operating system on Monday, claiming it will boast some coveted features that Microsoft Windows won’t include until 2006,” May Wong reports for The Associated Press. “‘It’s going to drive the copycats crazy,’ Jobs said of the software, which he promised for next year, before an enthusiastic audience at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center.'”

Code-named ‘Tiger,’ the upgrade will be the fifth version of Mac OS X in its four-year history. Among 150 planned new features will be an advanced new searching tool called ‘Spotlight’ that can instantly search for keywords across different types of files in the machine – whether they’re in an e-mail, image, or text document,” Wong reports.

“Finding data on a single, bulging desktop remains largely a hassle, especially when compared to the ease of searching the Web with Google. Jobs demonstrated how, with Spotlight, typing the words “Half Dome” into his computer instantly found the right information, even a digital map of Yosemite National Park with the famous mountain marked,” Wong reports.

“Microsoft Corp.’s impending ‘Longhorn’ Windows release also is to include a more sophisticated searching method as a key element,” Wong reports. Other highlighted ‘Tiger’ features included support for multiple participants in the iChat video-conferencing program; a new version of the Safari browser that can generate a news feed-like interface for Web sites; support for the next-generation video-compression standard known as H.264; and a ‘Dashboard’ feature that allows users to pull up a custom collection of tools, say, the calculator, iTunes control panel, and a to-do list – all with one keyboard tap.”

“The new version is to be available in the first half of 2005 at a suggested retail price of $129,” Wong reports.

Full article here.

More info on Mac O X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ here.


  1. Hmm, I hope she’s wrong about the cost.

    I’m not convinced that I’ll pay for another upgrade for a while… Panther seems pretty good for me – until my apps take advantage of it that is.

  2. Tiger sounds more like an update than an upgrade. I rather save $130.00 for the Longhorn release. By then, I will make enough interest to cover the cost.

  3. Actually I think Longshot is Vapor-ware. Just another “Whistler” or whatever that so-called product was called. Invest your money in Tiger.. afterall you already have Longshot if you have win 95, win 98, win 98 SE, win ME (very commical and poorly written os) or 2000 or XP. Microsoft has been selling the same OS for years and there are many unfortunate people who think they are getting the “latest and greatest” Take the IE browser for instance.. IE 6.0 Circa 1996!! Now that is innovation! Perhaps you can explain why viruses effect all of these operating systems? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME!!!!

  4. Those poor windows idiots don’t know what they’re missing. They think the eMac is expensive while they turn the eMachine into a doorstop and the dell into a squirrel trap.

    “Oooh, when Longhorn ships then life will be good!” Yeah, whatever. Computer bliss is already at hand. It’s called OS X.

  5. I went to the Apple site and watched the movies showing Tiger in action. I think the Spotlight feature is so obvious I don’t know why they didn’t think of it before. I also loved the Safari demo I saw. The Dashboard feature I’m not so sure of… it’s not like it’s a problem clicking many of those items from the dock. I guess it will depend on other “widgets” we can add.
    Overall, I am very pleased with what I saw and will spend the dough on the upgrade. Of course, I have to wonder what the requirements will be for Tiger, and if my iMac will be suffice to run it.

  6. Doubt if W_users are looking forward to longhorn; they’re limited to looking forward to getting their comp “cleaned” and up and running again.

  7. meat of moose,
    Thanks for the link. But does anyone else think it’s ironic that it’s Real and Windows media only? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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