Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs previews Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ to ship in the first half of 2005

Apple today previewed Mac OS X version 10.4 “Tiger,” the fifth major version of Mac OS X that will ship in the first half of 2005, extending Apple


  1. Probably not much. The real benefit of 64-bitness will be for heavy-duty apps. However, hopefully Apple will continue the process of optimizing and speeding up the OS in general, but consumers using apps like iMovie and iDVD are far, far away from requiring 64-bitness.

    This is great news for scientific number crunchers, though, as is Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Photoshop users, I’m sure. There’s plenty of video producers who would love to be able to run their entire FCP in 32+ Gigabytes of RAM, I’m sure.

  2. I’m intrigued by the sync between macs over the internet. I couldn’t figure out, however, if all the data had to use the .Mac server as an intermediary or if the sync process could go straight between the macs.


  3. These are not reasons to upgrade. Wait for Longhorn in a few years. They will have all these features plus any new ones that Apple adds. You will only have to pay for one copy of Longhorn if you wait rather than several upgrades from Apple. It just makes monetary sense.

  4. Yes, we should just wait a few years until another ugly, bloated, buggy version of Windows comes along with less features than OSX… Sputnik is a riot.

  5. Following the keynote via text feed, I thought Tiger sucks. But finally seeing the keynote from Apple’s website I was like ;-] Apple should have done it live to avoid all the bad word of mouth.

  6. I really have to wonder at the timing. Why announce it a full year ahead of time? Because they had nothing else to announce? The other versions were announced a few months ahead, and were shipped in the Fall. What’s the holdup?

    I think most of this version will be unseen — 64-bitness that will not be seen or heard from by anyone, but which takes a lot of work to implement.

    I think that the little security scare recently has slowed them down a bit. Jobs is probably demanding a re-think of a few innards.

    Doesn’t Apple ship new OS versions along with a new system? Maybe they don’t have a new system coming until next year, so they see no reason to start shipping a new OS until then. It would be embarrassing to ship a new OS and have it adopted really slowly — a new system guarantees a certain level of adoption.

    Still — those are just minor reasons in my opinion. What’s the holdup?

  7. How about Apple’s NEW multi-processing system? You can add as many processers as you want thru the pci slots!! A 17 processer powermac was demo’d. Apple will use Tao’s operating system integration, which will alow you to expand even a g5 i-mac,to a 17 processer computer. Each computer will now come with BASIC to promote easy programing. Each pci-x board can hold up to 4 processers. Some devoloper’s are already DONE MAKING THE BOARDS. Each board contains up to 4 processers, or you can install then yourself. Even if these are one Ghz g5’s that’s STILL 17 Ghz total combined power in the computer!!
    Transputer!! (Anybody know the history of the transputer?)

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