Apple offers .Mac members 30 percent off MacAddict subscription

“The latest .Mac member special gets you a discount subscription to MacAddict magazine the glossy monthly packed with advice, tips, and product reviews. It’s a great way to get the most out of your Mac, your software, and your peripherals. For just US$19.95 (an unprecedented 30 percent off the US$29.95 subscription price) you get 12 issues plus 12 MacAddict disks full of freeware, shareware and demos. MacAddict just won the 2004 Western Publications Association award for best consumer computer magazine


  1. And just who is paying MacAddict for the whole caboodle? You! Unless they’ve thrown in a discount to Apple. Then why not throw the discount to consumers directly.

    I never get these deals.

  2. MacAddict has always been my favorite Mac mag. MacWorld is second, and I like most of the others, too.

    Less, what is your complaint? Don’t you have .Mac? You can certainly get the deal if you do!

  3. MacAddict sucks. By the time they publish anything, the news is 2 months old. Then they try to put a “hip” spin on everything and it’s just annoying. Not to mention that often times they are flat out wrong and never say anything even slightly bad about an Apple product. I subscribed for a year once b/c I bought the issue with 50 (or was it 100?) free/share-ware apps. THat was actually cool, I thought. THen I realized how lame the magazine is. By the end of my subscription, I would get so flustered reading the practically useless magazine that i couldn’t wait for the subscription to end. It’s not even an entertaining magazine and certainly not very informative.

  4. its all good. something else to entice people to get dotMac.
    (Cool….i’ll spend $99 for dotMac so I can save $10 on MacAddict)

    BTW, there are lots of magazine subscription services out there that will allow you to subscribe to teh magazine $14.95 w/o the discs. Personally I found the discs somewhat useless. And since they had the info of what was on the disc in the magazine, if there was something interesting I could usually find the demo on the web.

  5. I subscribed to MacAddict for years. I now have a free subscription to Macworld. If you have broadband both mags are dated and virtually useless. If you don’t have broadband they are very useful and so are the discs.

  6. No one in the real IT world reads Mac Addict. We are too busy running patch updates and removing viruses off our Windows boxes to read such a paltry magazine.

  7. CHM, If you subscribe, MacAddict is not dated. I get my issues almost a month before they hit newsstands. If you are waiting for a magazine that keeps up in publication speediness with the internet, don’t hold your breath. Not even Sports Illustrated can pull that off.

  8. Mac Convert,

    I HAD a subscription to Mac Addict. I DID recieve the issues way before they hit newsstands. The info was STILL 2 months (or more) old. I understand that a monthly magazine can’t keep up with internet news, but MacWorld seems to be much more up to date (and more professional) than MacAddict. Plus when they’re running 2 months behinds, they could at least check to be sure they are printing the correct information. If I didn’t throw out all my old issues, I’d dig out some examples for you ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> It just pissed me off to read that magazine.

  9. Mac Addict is good because:

    1) That way I can use the shitter while reading something Mac-related without taking my laptop into the stall with me. (Thereby avoiding any rumors that I am wanking off to internet porn in the office restroom.) And don’t tell me I don’t need to bring something to read into the bathroom–if you say that then you have never had Philadelphia lunch-type food. Bathroom visits in the late afternoon can be sometimes epic.

    2) The discs *are* useful–sure, 90% of what is on there you can download, but the disc is a good way to find free/shareware stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t run into, and the discs are permanent, unlike sites which can disappear, change over from freeware to shareware with the freeware version no longer available, etc.

    3) If I pile up a year’s work of issues and wife stands on them, she is suddenly over five feet tall.

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