Study: 100 million PCs to be replaced this year

“Nearly 100 million PCs are likely to be replaced this year, with 120 million being swapped out in 2005, according to data research firm Gartner released Thursday. The volume of replacements in the next two years will surpass the number of units replaced in the run-up to Y2K in 1998 and 1999, Gartner said. In 2004, replacement units will drive global shipments to 186.4 million–an increase of 13.6 percent over 2003,” Dinesh C. Sharma reports for CNET News.

“‘Our first-quarter results suggest the…replacement cycle that vendors have been anticipating for more than a year is under way,’ George Shiffler, principal analyst for Gartner’s client platforms research, said in a statement,” Sharma reports. “Gartner analysts said more than 30 percent of installed PCs are now at least three years old. Many of those machines run older versions of Windows operating systems, for which full technical support may not be available. This, they said, will play a major role in pushing sales of replacements. Strong economic growth in the United States, the Asia-Pacific region and Japan is also likely to boost sales of new PCs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How many of those 100 million will go from Windows to Mac OS X?


  1. eh probably a few but not many.. rise and shine, most windows users have never touched a mac and have never seen os X..

    the fact that 100 mill. pc’s are now out-of-date considering what most ppl do w them.. play games, chat to friends..means the marketshare myth is just gonna keep getting worse..

    the “growth” of the pc market is fueled by crappy baseline models and exploding pc game requirements..egads.. thurrott must be thrilled

  2. Come on Apple! Get some ‘in-your-face’ TV advertising out there!

    Don’t be afraid to tell people to make a wise purchase decision.

    Macintosh is what a computing experience should be!

  3. Why apple could sell a lot of macs:

    osX is better

    Why they won’t:

    G4 processor speeds
    emac is so 2002
    G5 doesn’t run VPC
    no ads

  4. Apple should do absolutely everything it possibly can to take advantage of this. Offer free support for moving files over–offer a discount to people who “turn in” their old PCs at Apple Stores and buy a new mac…anything.

  5. Yeah right… 80% of the 100 million users want Virtual PC? You are kidding me?

    I agree with the rest though. People will slowly start putting two and two together. For example, Intel removed the clock speed from its processor’s name. They claim that the low clockspeed processors are as good as high clockspeed ones. The smart ones ( I think at least 10-20% of the 100 mil) will see this.

  6. hairbo,

    Why do you think Apple is working on .Mac with good amount of space and compatibility with Windows XP (and 2000?). If you have a minimum number of files, I am sure you can select the folders that you want to save to your .Mac account and then change to mac and get it back.

  7. you want to keep something precious by making sure that only a few can afford it. If you were to discover a mine where you unearthed 1 billion carrot of diamond, diamond’s value will be equal to dust. So, keep the quantity of Macs in check and make sure it is valued!!

  8. Now is the time for Apple to advertise OS X. Nuts and bolts stuff showing how easy it is to use. They should showcase the iLife suite and show how to download movies and photos, show how to edit movies and enhance photos, send photos in email, burn CDs and DVDs, etc. I think a big dynamic they should emphasize is digital photography cuz a lot of people are getting into this and don’t know computers very well. They should also drive home that it is easier to use by showing Stats on fewer keystokes for the same tasks.

    I would like to see Apple at 10-20 percent market share. That would be plenty.

  9. While I agree that Apple could be doing a lot more, PC’s are also VERY 2002 today as well if you haven’t noticed. Intel has been stagnated now for a good while with their processors and actually the G4/G5 have noticeably gained on them over the past 18 months.

    When I walked into a typical store 18 months ago, the fastest P4 system I could buy was running at 3.06GHz, today it’s only increased to 3.4GHz or a measly 11%. Meanwhile PowerMacs are over 50% faster today than they were then and are also less expensive now as well.

  10. What a perfect time to advertise Panther and the upcoming Tiger…free with the purchase of a new mac.
    Drop the focus on the iPod at least for a moment and focus
    on the Mac, which is why we are all here, and why the iPod exists at all.

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