Analysts: Apple’s new ‘iPod division’ may signal expansion of digital device range

“Analysts have suggested that Apple’s moves to create a separate division within the company for the iPod could lead to the company expanding its range of digital devices. Jupiter Research senior analyst Joe Wilcox told MacCentral: ‘By creating an iPod division, Apple is establishing the device’s relevance is much more than just playing music. Apple is recognizing iPod as an integral part of the company’s product line and an important contributor to the revenue mix,'” Macworld UK reports.

“‘Apple has released a second device in iPod mini, so it’s reasonable to assume that the company will continue to innovate particularly with the creation of this new division,’ added Wilcox. ‘The new division clearly shows that Apple sees broad potential beyond offering music devices or services,’ said Wilcox. ‘I’ve said for some time that non-PC devices like iPod could emerge into platforms in their own right. Apple would be smart to begin building an iPod ecosystem around which third parties can develop peripheral and entertainment extensions,'” Macworld UK reports.

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  1. Joe makes some good points but to cause separation in Apple between Mac and iPod I hope that Apple and Jobs learned from their earlier mistakes in company separation.

  2. This could be the start of alot of exciting products from apple – for both the consumer and corporate markets!.

    How about a wireless firewire lcd data projector for business users? or an iTV which connects to your ipod wirelessly?

    The future is gonna be great!

    I see the new Ipod division becoming the new sony eventually!

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