Windows Sasser net worm spreading rapidly; Macintosh unaffected

“Many versions of Windows are at risk,” BBC News reports. “Disruption caused by a new internet virus known as Sasser is showing signs of worsening. In two separate cases, companies in Taiwan and Finland reported the worm had disrupted their computers. Sasser, unlike a virus which travels through e-mails and attachments, spreads directly from the internet.”

“It attacks recent versions of Microsoft’s Windows causing the computer to shut down. Experts believe millions of computers may be infected. In Moscow a computer security firm warned of a possible major epidemic,” BBC News reports. “Microsoft has acknowledged that the worm is spreading but played down the threat. ‘It seems to me an exaggeration to say that millions of computers have been affected,’ said Bernard Ourghanlian, Microsoft’s technical director in France.”

“Sasser attacks recent versions of Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP,” BBC News reports. The computer has to be rebooted several times but appears to suffer no lasting damage. ‘Worst affected will be small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources to update their anti-virus software,’ said Mark Grady, principal consultant at IT consultants Intraliant. ‘Large corporations have the time and money and will have updated their patches,’ Mr Grady said. A Microsoft patch was released on 13 April and revised on 28 April. Internet users have been warned that they are more likely to get the virus the more they surf the web.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, small and medium-sized businesses are screwed, but it’s okay that large corporations can waste untold (and for some reason never totalled) amounts of time and money? Foolishness knows no bounds. If you belong to that small subset of Windows users that like to use the Internet, you’ve been warned. Try to surf less or not at all, okay? If you’re finally tired of downloading and installing patches to patch patches that patched patches issued to fix patches that broke while patching a patch that didn’t patch the first patch, but broke the last patch you patched, you might want to try a Mac instead. More information about adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal here.


  1. I second Newmanstein: highly doubt there will be OS X on x86. There was at porting stage (OS X derives from OpenSTep) and at first two internal releases. Then – of course – crossplatform compatibility has been deliberately killed.

    Apple has 100% market share of Apple SW and OS X: it will keep it that way.

  2. You all are probably right on the release of an OSX for X86, but it is a nice thought and I would like to see the working copy we know is at Apple, but that won’t happen either. Ciao!

  3. Well, you can still install Darwin on x86 and then use it as a Unix only platform with a window manager of your choice, but of course you miss out the integration with business/office/leisure applications one enjoys with OS X. Well, OpenOffice would give you some room but why bother?


  4. There are still ZERO viruses/worms/trojans. (Real viruses/worms/trojans that is; not counting that pet trojan someone made in a lab just to prove it COULD be done)

  5. I guess the Arlington school district can look forward to their new era of exciting computing. Here’s to you, mister superintendent! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> Congratulations on your switch to Windows PCs!

  6. Is it just my imagination or does it seem like the quantity of “OS X for x86!!!” posts seem to go up dramatically everytime a bad virus like this comes out?

    I mean FFS if you want to move to Mac but are too cheap to buy a new computer just think of it this way. Put away $50 a paycheck for 6 months and you can buy yourself an eMac.

    You can even get an Apple instant loan and get the eMac ASAP. Then just pay it off as you go and you don’t have to pay any interest if you pay it off in the first 6 months.

  7. I work for a large corporation and we got hammered this morning. Every PC affected except the 4 machines in my office. They are the only Mac’s in over 4000 desktops. MS saying is small number….. bull!

  8. Yet another virus/bug/worm wreaking havoc on those poor Windows users/businesses. After losing collective billons in lost productivity/downtime/patch-repair-restore costs, the only one laughing all the way to the bank….billionaire Bill G. They must have pretty thick skins to keep getting bitten in the ass and to keep coming back for more. Not too bright, though.

  9. for MS it’s all about damage control.
    “the damage was minimal” they say, and hope the public buys it (which is what they’ve done forever, now).
    i work at a large corp in the southwest, and man, these machines are dropping like flies. good thing my iBook is proverbially sprayed with teflon.

  10. I work for a major corporate processor maker and there are signs up everywhere telling people to install the latests patches because fo sasser. Go figure?

  11. Undecover, Probably because your network admin are dipshits…We have over 100,000 plus PeeeCee’s , No Infections…Why you might ask? Because we did the work the first time about 5 yrs ago and rarely anything gets infected now…Windows ADMINS need to wake up or switch to Mac-N-Trash…

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