Windows Sasser net worm spreading rapidly; Macintosh unaffected

“Many versions of Windows are at risk,” BBC News reports. “Disruption caused by a new internet virus known as Sasser is showing signs of worsening. In two separate cases, companies in Taiwan and Finland reported the worm had disrupted their computers. Sasser, unlike a virus which travels through e-mails and attachments, spreads directly from the internet.”

“It attacks recent versions of Microsoft’s Windows causing the computer to shut down. Experts believe millions of computers may be infected. In Moscow a computer security firm warned of a possible major epidemic,” BBC News reports. “Microsoft has acknowledged that the worm is spreading but played down the threat. ‘It seems to me an exaggeration to say that millions of computers have been affected,’ said Bernard Ourghanlian, Microsoft’s technical director in France.”

“Sasser attacks recent versions of Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP,” BBC News reports. The computer has to be rebooted several times but appears to suffer no lasting damage. ‘Worst affected will be small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the resources to update their anti-virus software,’ said Mark Grady, principal consultant at IT consultants Intraliant. ‘Large corporations have the time and money and will have updated their patches,’ Mr Grady said. A Microsoft patch was released on 13 April and revised on 28 April. Internet users have been warned that they are more likely to get the virus the more they surf the web.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, small and medium-sized businesses are screwed, but it’s okay that large corporations can waste untold (and for some reason never totalled) amounts of time and money? Foolishness knows no bounds. If you belong to that small subset of Windows users that like to use the Internet, you’ve been warned. Try to surf less or not at all, okay? If you’re finally tired of downloading and installing patches to patch patches that patched patches issued to fix patches that broke while patching a patch that didn’t patch the first patch, but broke the last patch you patched, you might want to try a Mac instead. More information about adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal here.


  1. “… Mr Grady said. A Microsoft patch was released on 13 April and revised on 28 April. Internet users have been warned that they are more likely to get the virus the more they surf the web.”
    That’s rich! Don’t use the internet and you’re safe! Hello, Mr Grady, some people need to use the internet for their business. Not for downloading porn or the latest Paris Hilton videos. No, to earn their bread and enough money on top of it to pay for your crummy operating system and related costs.

  2. This was on the TV news last night. My wife said, “We don’t get that do we ?”

    “Nope”, says I.

    “Ssss!”, says missus.

    (‘Ssss’ as in the tail end of a triumphant ‘Yes’).

    And to think she used to say “But I know where things are on windows”.

  3. The Sasser worm is one more reason to use the Mac OS. Apple can do its part by keeping their OS as secure as possible. Apple needs to get the word out to the public that the Mac OS is more secure. I don’t think the folks waiting for the more “secure” Windows XP SP2, or Longhorn can take many more worms, etc and expect to do business. I bet Apple has a x86 version of OSX that works well. Mr. Jobs, maybe it’s time to release it.

  4. Checking to make sure I have the latest updates on my Windows XP machines at work is a major pain right now. Apparently Microsoft’s update site is under seige with people frantically trying to get their machines updated. *sigh* It’s taking forEVER. I am SO glad I use a Mac for my personal computing stuff. I’ll be really happy when I get my G5 for work. It could start a cascade effect here at work where the rest of us want Macs instead of our crappy Winblow$ boxes.

    Great…the Update site just gave me an error message. Apparently it can’t display the updates. Here we go again!

  5. ‘It seems to me an exaggeration to say that millions of computers have been affected,’ said Bernard Ourghanlian, Microsoft’s technical director in France.”

    Just give it time Bernie, just give it time…

  6. I noticed this morning while trying to download some software & drivers that quite a few downloads are corrupted or failing. I wonder if this is related.

  7. just noticed: that Micros**t technical director name is perfect and appropriate.

    What was the first comment Bernie released when announced that millions of computers have been affected?


  8. Nobody is saying anything about Linux? I have an iMac (4 years old, but fit as a fiddle), a PowerBook G4 (can’t wait for G5 in order to upgrade!), and a personally assemble PC that I never let onto the Internet, anymore! I’d like to upgrade to a laptop that is loaded with Linux in order to give it a spin drive. Anybody out there with Linux that can give us a heads up on how they’re doing? Is it still limited on its business applications for small business/personal uses?

  9. Nope, “retarded” is the definition for putting up with this thing on and on and on and on and on and…….

    But we know it, ohh we know it, Windows is good enough…. Cheesy.

  10. Schen: Linux for business have little to say: not my field. For scientific use there is no issues with it that I know of.

    And – incidentally – also on Linux you are not at risk of getting Sasser.

  11. Apple will never release OSX for Windows, because the second they do, they change from a company that redefines innovation and intuitiveness and security and futuristicness and overall consistent progression to a company that will have to hire thousands of people to constantly update and fix drivers and incompatibilities between tons of hardware devices and software. If they would just advertise their OS. I also would like for them to advertise their security, but that would at the same time issue a challenge for hackers to write viruses aimed at OSX. Apple doesn’t need
    any virus publicity pooping.

  12. Dear Monkey Boy or Breath or whatever…. I have a Dull Windows XP Pro machine and I spend more time on it updating NAV, running Norton SystemWorks, defraging the machine, and then there’s that blue screen of death worry… Mac OS is far from perfect, but it does work without all the worries. By the way, computing won’t be easy for the masses until we get to the Star Trek type computers. Apple and Microsoft need to start working towards that direction. My guess is that it won’t happen until somebody out there has the insight, knowledge and skills to make it happen, and starts his/her own company. So if you are out there, my best, and make it happen in my lifetime.” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  13. Newmanstein: hackers already know about it. At crackers (better term than hacker) contests a Windows crack is 1 point, last year OS X was valued at 5, next – apparently – will value OS X crack at 10.

    OS X is THE challenge among crackers, who knows, they probably love it too much to try to harm it.

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