Moms want Apple iPod minis for Mother’s Day

“Mother’s Day brings out the inner Martha Stewart in all of us. We’re referring to Martha, the goddess of domesticity and hand-rolled beeswax candles, not bound-for-the-big-house Martha,’ Dawn C. Chmielewski writes for The Mercury News. “As we contemplate gifts for mom, we reach deep inside ourselves for some gift that symbolizes the traditional notion of mom as nurturer and homemaker. We think: Potholders! I’ll get mom some potholders!”

“Not,” Chmielewski writes. “I’m guessing that more than a few women — myself included — would be happier to get cool gear. Consider this: Women spent about $55 billion last year on consumer electronics products and influence 75 percent of all technology purchases, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.”

Chmielewski writes, “Among MP3 players, Apple Computer’s iPod mini reigns supreme. The player is smaller than many cellular phones (it weighs an anorexic 3.6 ounces), its 4 gigabyte hard disk holds 1,000 songs, comes in five colors and works on Macs and Windows PCs. It retails for $249. But like so many coveted objects, you’ll have to get in line and wait six weeks for delivery.”

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More information about Apple’s iPod mini here.


  1. I seriously doubt that most age 40+ moms even know what an iPod mini is, let alone want one. But then again, if you have a mom that likes to exercise, they would probably love it once they learned to use it. This article is a little off in deducing demand from moms based on women, but it’s a nice thought.

  2. Geez… being forty ain’t old… these over 40-ers were raised in the 60’s and music is definitely a large part of there lives… walkman’s were born unto them… iPods were invented by them…

    They way I look at it is we’re just on our 2nd round of being twenty…

    Jb (not a mom, not even a women… but pushin’ forty and feelin’ twenty, okay maybe twenty-six)

  3. I’m a 50-something mom who introduced her 20 year old daughter and 15 year old son to iPods (as birthday gifts). I held off getting one for myself so my kids could be cool (it’s more important to them). Mother’s Day is coming so now it’s my turn…

  4. My mom is 60. She doesn’t even have a radio in her car nor does she own any music playback devices (like a CD or phonograph or tape deck, etc.).

  5. My wife (who fits this profile), my mother, and my wife’s mother all have the iPod mini a the top of their wishlists. Any volume discounters available that you all know of?

  6. I was at a “weekend at the cabin with the boys” this past weekend drinking beer and listening to my 3500 song selection from my iPod. One of the friend’s dad stops out to have a beer or two with us. At 71 he was fascinated with the iPod and was hinting heavily that it would make a great father’s day gift. This is from a guy who has refused to own a computer.

  7. My mother, over 50, wanted one so badly that she was one of the 100,000 preorders…. without even asking her tech-savvy son about it.

    Think of my dismay when she showed up for a visit recently sporting the mini. Unfortunately for her, I can be quite persuasive with the guilt trips and I’ve managed to borrow her mini while mine (which she bought me…) is on backorder. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Bad news Mother�s Day Gift Givers…Just checked the Apple store. Delivery time for silver mini iPod is 6 WEEKS!
    Maybe Apple could start a new campaign. “Order Your mini iPod today – for Christmas! (We guarantee delivery before the next new generation of G5 computers.)”

  9. My wife asked for one. Pink in case you must know. All the major “womens” mags feature the iPod or mini in articles and bylines, usually as a cool (read must have) accessory.


  10. My wife’s 41, but there’s no way she’d settle for a measly 4 GB mini. She wants either a 20 GB or 40 GB iPod. Where would anybody get the idea that you have to be a kid to want high-tech gear?

  11. I’m 26 my Mum is 50 & my Grandmother is 70. We all have iPods. Its cool to see my Mum & Grandmother cruising through Sydney in Mum’s red convertible bopping along to Neil Diamond (yea I know) with the iPod connected with her iTrip.

  12. My wife (who fits this profile), my mother, and my wife’s mother all have the iPod mini a the top of their wishlists. Any volume discounters available that you all know of?” – Big Mac Jones

    Don’t count on that. iPod minis are rare enough that sellers will get twice the MSRP eBay-ing it. Why will they discount volume purchaser (unless the seller is your pal).

    I think Apple should sell proof-of-purchase cards in boxes (like they do gift certificates) so that people can giftwrap them. It’s better than just say “your iPod will come in 2 months”, no?

  13. My mom’s 49 and I gave her an iPod (not a mini) and she is absolutely delighted! When she’s around the house she loves listening to some good music… but if I ask her to send me an email or something computer-related… forget it.

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