New Apple iTunes 4.5 offers wide array of new print options

Apple’s new itunes 4.5 offers a wide array of new print options. iTunes downloads cover art for the music you purchase, so you can easily make an insert for your CD cases. Print the cover for a whole album, along with track listings. If you


  1. Basically Apple has once again redefined the music experience. This once again puts Apple leaps and bounds in front of any other music service.

    The benchmark has been set again.

  2. Very cool feature – I just tested it out. One problem is that I have some very long song titles – so long that the artist name isn’t printed. Maybe they’ll have some sort of option for changing font size or something in the future.

    It would be nice if they offered support for the new Epson printers that can print directly to special blank CDs – allowing me to create a nice looking CD. Speaking of which, I guess I’ll be going out to buy a nice color printer now that I can do these cool CD inserts…

  3. Dave R,

    Yes iTunes has ID tags, It uses them for filing and sorting of the lists, as well as the fields for EQ presets, personal song ratings, and comments, just like the others. Not to mention, when Apple rips a CD it fills in those fields if the CD being ripped exists on the CDDB, most professional CDs do.

  4. Thoughts on iTunes 4.5:

    Beef: Now every {Artist, Track, Album} has a little “Take me to the iTunes Music Store” arrow next to it. The first thing I had to do was deselect “Show links to Music Store” in the Preferences. What would be nice, though, is if there were a similar function on the contextual [right button; ctrl+click] popup menu.

    I’m intrigued by the “Publish” feature — the iTMS arrow that pops up next to a particular playlist when you haven’t deselected them as above. Again I wish there were a menu item for that…

    The “Party Shuffle” looks interesting. Time to go play! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. OH WOW..

    this is incredible stuff… it sees all my music and links me to the music store..

    WOW.. they are really trying to compete with Kazaa.. incredible absolutely brilliant ideas wow

    ps. look for these features to be ripped off in Naster 3.0

  6. This seems great and all, but the WOW factor seems to be greatly deminished by the fact that there is not an easy way to adjust the font on the playlists that appear on the back of the inserts. Default seems to print song names far to large and longer song names are appended with an ellipses. It may be a system preference setting, but I wish Apple had thought this out more.

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