Apple launches ‘iTunes on Campus’ institutional site license program

“Give your students easy access to iTunes, the best digital jukebox with the #1 music download store inside for Windows and Mac users,” reads.

“Provide your students with the best legal solution to manage, acquire, and listen to music by participating in the iTunes on Campus program. This program provides an institutional site license for iTunes and materials you can use for student communications. The program is easy-to-administer and is free.”

The iTunes on Campus program includes an iTunes institutional site license that allows your university or college to provide your students with the iTunes application, the world’s best digital jukebox, at no cost. With an institutional site license for iTunes, you have the right to distribute iTunes (both the Mac and PC versions) freely to your students and campus community. Completely cross platform, iTunes is the only music solution that all of your students can use.

This license agreement will allow you to distribute iTunes as a download from within your campus network or through individual CDs that you create. As a part of this program, Apple will also provide to you the creative artwork (for newspaper ads and flyers) about iTunes that you can use to tell students about iTunes.

Authorized representatives from higher education institutions are invited to register online. Once registered, you will receive everything you need to distribute the iTunes software application and supporting material to tell your students about iTunes. Download the iTunes application immediately, and sign and return to Apple an iTunes site license agreement within 10 days.

More info here.


  1. I don’t see that this offers the schools anything tangible (like the subscription service of the competitors), other then being able to host the iTunes software instead of posting a link to Apples site…

  2. “I don’t see that this offers the schools anything tangible (like the subscription service of the competitors), other then being able to host the iTunes software instead of posting a link to Apples site…”

    This lets universities that don’t want to use all their bandwidth streaming subscriptions show that they are taking an active role in encouraging their students to choose a legal alternative. This potentially reduces liabilities they may have if students do use Kazaa or others. It lets them provide a cross-platform solution as well as avoiding controversy about using student fees to pay for subscriptions. Maybe we’ll see iTunes/iPod clubs on campuses?

  3. Apple knows there is tremendous song sharing and streaming occurring on campuses. With the latest iTunes offering ANYONE to share their play list with the world, Apple may be developing a University version of iTunes that offers customized iTunes pages, listing connected users and their play list (auto-linking their song to the iTunes site for purchase), as well as providing an internet/network based campus radio station for news, information and music.

    One step further…
    With addition of a digital video camera and merging the technologies of iChat and iTunes, the University can have a VERY INEXPENSIVE network-based TV station… and classrooms?!! Are you ill or out of town? Catch your class live on your iBook and ask questions via iChat!!

  4. maybe they should give songs to these universities at a discount ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> since they’re doing this to sell more ipods, maybe apple (at least in the early going) should give up their cut in a per song basis…. just a thought

  5. Real must be kicking themselves in the ass…. they propose a technological team up without really offering anything real…. then apple comes up with something solid like this…. like gift certificates, this idea was borne out of creativity and common sense rather than technological breakthroughs. not to say that apple is lacking in technological ideas, but this only proves that apple not only beats its competitors in the hi tech war, but in knowing what people will love and want to have

  6. I’m with what’s-his-name. What is the deal? iTunes is free, so what is a site license for? It seems like Apple is looking for dim-witted academiacs to become iTunes promoters while getting nothing in return.

    Not that it’s a bad idea from Apple’s perspective… but why would anyone bother to join up unless they’ve got too much time on their hands?

  7. Kenny:

    One thought would be to build a community around iTMS. Seems like universities would be a natural as that is where the music listening demographic is. The music sharing feature and the new playlist feature might be aimed at that market.

    A second thought, maybe they’re trying to show the music labels what’s possible. Throw iTunes out there and get a natural conduit to the store. Maybe they’ll get a few more iPods sold out of the deal.

    A third thought (they’re flying out now), it could be a pre-emptive strike against Sony/MS. Making iTMS/iTunes ubiquitous might put their rivals back even further than they already are.

    No harm no foul.

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