Happy 28th birthday, Apple Computer!

Apple Computer, Inc. turns 28-years-old today! Time Magazine’s 80th anniversary issue featured a look back over 80 years in a piece titled “80 Days That Changed the World,” published on March 31, 2003. Lev Grossman wrote about one such day that changed the world, the founding of Apple Computer, Inc. on April 1, 1976:

They were two guys named Steve, so Steve Jobs was called Steve and Steve Wozniak went by Woz. At 25, Wozniak was the technical brains. Jobs, 21, was the dreamer with a knack for getting others to dream along with him. They had gone to the same high school, and in the hazy years after graduation


  1. “Most computers in 1976 were room-size machines with Defense Department�size price tags,”

    What happened to Altair, IMSAI, and many other intel 8008 and 8080 based computers, which existed before Apple I? Also most machines were IBM 360/370s, Unisys, Burroughs, DEC PDP-x, Data General, etc.. I would not consider them “machines with Defense Department-size price tags”. The machine that qualify for the title would be CDC and later Cray-I (which I believe came out after Apple-I).

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