Firmware update enables Mac OS 9 booting in Power Mac G5 systems

“The French start-up software company Freedom Technologies today announced the immediate availability of CountDown G5, a controversial firmware update which enables users to start up Apple’s Power Mac G5 systems using either Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X,” Geoff Duncan reports for TidBITS.

“As shipped by Apple, Power Mac G5 systems can start up using only Mac OS X (although they can run older software in the Classic environment). But now, Mac OS 9 users can enjoy the performance and raw power of the Power Mac G5 system if they do not want to use Mac OS X, or are still among those users for whom Mac OS X versions of needed software are not yet available. CountDown G5’s methods are not subtle, and using CountDown G5 to create a Mac OS 9-bootable system could leave you with an unsupported hybrid machine, jeopardize your warranty, or create unexpected problems with future operating system updates. However, if you simply must have G5 power within Mac OS 9 – and if the Mac OS X Classic environment doesn’t cut the mustard – then CountDown G5 is your only option.

Full article with links to Countdown G5 here.

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  1. No, he’s right, that’s funny. Funny and phobia are not the same thing. Sit back, relax, and try to regain a sense of humor in this oh-so-easily-offended world we live in

  2. Talk about the backwards French. I can’t fathom anyone wanting to potentially trash a $2000.00 state of the art machine just to use a piece of old worthless software. If you need to run native OS9 just buy a used G4 for a few hundred bucks. I guess the French haven’t figured that out yet. Just means more G5 sales for Apple.

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