Apple’s iTunes Music Store has blood on its play button: is dead

“According to an e-mail sent to prior customers of, the online store will become ‘integrated’ with its parent site,, within several days. What this means to the fate of what was once called ‘The World’s Largest Download Music Store’ is unclear,” Michael Simon reports for

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  1. Worst of both worlds isn’t it for WMA stores. The wrong platform choice and now that platforms owner about to compete directly with them with billions in the bank to play with. Between a rock and a hard place methinks.

  2. “We�re nowhere near Apple�s numbers.”

    And you know why? Apple has always represented the upper crust of the computing market. People who have the money to buy Apple equipment also have the money to buy thousands of dollars worth of music.

    It’s not worth it to us to have illegal copies of music, we have more money and less likly to rip artists off.

    Plus Apple was first to convince all the labels to get in on downloading music, so naturally this accomplishment gave Apple a tremendous head start.

    Unless these other music services severly drop their prices and start a race to the bottom to flush each other out, then they all will be poking along and making a tiny profit if any.

    When the gorrilla M$ gets involved, they can undercut everyone forever to push WMA and then that will seriously hurt Apple iTunes sales on the PC side, Mac faithful will still use iTunes, because it’s not accepting WMA, then Apple may have to accept WMA after that or discontinue iTunes for PC.

    Hopefully by then a large portion of people would have their entire music collections already, a iPod or two, even a Mac, before this happens.

    But it’s going to happen, music content is too big for that evil empire to just ignore. So everyone must realize to boycott M$ as much as possible, it’s gotten too large and dangerous. Don’t feed it your money. Simple.

    Folding for Stanford University. Help cure disease with your spare cycles.

  3. Well, actually, people are saying wrong platform choice but at this point of the game it is pretty much “no platform choice”. WMA is available and cheapest but is (hopefully) doomed. AAC with a different DRM than Fairplay is also fighting a possibly insurmountable uphill battle. The iPods popularity is being leveraged very well.

  4. Since this is an election year, why not try this angle: Ask your members of Congress, House and Senate, why the Sherman Anti-Trust Act is not being enforced. Microsoft was found guilty of this and then let off of the hook by the DoJ. When they ask for your vote tell them this- Pimp Slap Microsoft for being the arrogant law-defying monopoly that it is or you will not get my vote. In plain english- do your job. Gates & Co bought favorable treatment last time around with contributions to Bush & Co. Tell any candidate asking for your support, money or vote that if you will not stand up against Microsoft, your candidacy will not even be considered. Microsoft thinks that their money and power put them above the law- it’s time for them to be broken up into smaller companies as was sought in the original lawsuit. Even IBM and HP now realize what kind of a monster they have helped to create.

  5. Sailfish – I assume you’re rich, but don’t think that all Mac users are. Some poor people like myself do recognize a quality product and make an effort to have it. (i.e. saving)

    Now I seriously hope MS really screws up on this, as they are preparing their MSN Music store or some shit like that… If it’s as good as windows media player, we’re safe… because it really sucks!

    If Apple keeps adding music to iTMS and they continue to update the iPod and come up with new versions of it, like iPod Mini, iPod2, iPod3, etc… then they should be fine. Besides, Apple is well-established, and people know about it and enjoy it, so it’s not like they want a replacement ASAP…

    Hope MS loses this one, they deserve it after years of oppression ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. “When the gorrilla M$ gets involved, they can undercut everyone forever to push WMA and then that will seriously hurt Apple iTunes sales on the PC side, Mac faithful will still use iTunes, because it’s not accepting WMA, then Apple may have to accept WMA after that or discontinue iTunes for PC.”

    I’m not totally convinced this will happen as you describe. Most of my windows friends like iTunes as an application and they like the ease of the store – none have iPods. Unless M$ is willing to undercut Wal-Mart and somehow write a good piece of software, I doubt many will see a reason to use their software/service. With all the viruses of late – their brand isn’t what it used to be.

    I’m of the belief that Apple will & should continue to lockout WMA and open FairPlay up to other services and/or players. This will keep iPod/iTMS as the primo combo but let other folks into the market. Such a move would doom not only WMA but M$’s service.

    Oh yeah, bye bye Scott Blum!

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